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Economist Observer on the Internet, Zou Chenxiu 5th of December Shenzhen Tongzhou Electronics Co., Ltd. (002052.SZ, Tongzhou Electronics) has sent a message to friends: "Heavy, Shenzhen has invested in helping private businesses, and a $ 4 billion budget plan reduces the load."

According to the Economic Observer Online magazine, the above-mentioned newsletters of Tongzhou are derived from the document "Decent Work to Support the Development of Private Economy", issued by the Main Office of the People's Government of Shenzhen on December 4th.

On December 5, during an interview with Economic Observer Online, Executive Director of Shenzhen International Co., Ltd. (000056.SZ, Huanting International), we focused on this news and worried about this news.

Lowering the load and cost more than 100 billion yuan

Taking into account a number of measures aimed at further strengthening of the private economy, Shenzhen will implement an additional action plan to optimize the tax business environment and direct the enterprises to apply the tax deduction policy for the state and small and small businesses.

In particular, "Several measures to support the further strengthening of private economy" to reduce the annual costs of the enterprises, said that central and provincial enterprises will be implemented for the introduction of zero charges for administrative charges for enterprises. Implementation of the city's policy to reduce the cost of real economy. Perfectly clean the growth of energy supply, the end-user determines the zero level of electricity. The employer's contribution on basic health insurance will be reduced by 1 percentage point and will be valid until the end of 2019. Unemployment insurance rate dropped from 1.5% to 1%, including employer's share of 0.7%.

At the same time, in accordance with the uniform location of the province, it reduces the size of disability insurance premiums. An individual entrepreneurship fund that has been lost for one year with the consent of the Employee Congress or trade union is used to reduce the contribution to less than 1% or to delay the housing stock. Profitability of trade unions for small and medium enterprises will increase from 60% to 70%. Enterprises in the city reduce annually a reduction of more than 100 billion yuan.

Build 100 billion yuan for sustainable development

In order to ease the risk of placing high quality listing companies' assets, several measures to support the further strengthening of the private sector should be financed by 10 billion yuan and 5 billion yuan. $ 100 billion in Shanghai private enterprise development Further promotion of financial support in line with the principle of market cohesion, using measures such as sharing profits for attraction of various social funds to participate in the creation of Yuan, will be consistent with the direction of optimization and modernization of the economic structure and a promising future. Private companies are part of the support. Commercial banks and brokerage firms provide loans to support commercial loans, as well as easy loans and loans.

In addition, a mechanism for early warning and elimination of crises for private enterprises should be established, and corresponding divisions should be timely agreed in accordance with the legislation in accordance with the unforeseen and complex events of enterprises in production and use. Coordination of inter-city disputes and emergency situations and creation of mechanisms for individual entrepreneurs in the city, provision of legal aid to out-of-town enterprises for the implementation of foreign law enforcement agencies, as well as protection of legitimate rights and interests of entrepreneurs. Establish a service mechanism for international business interruptions for private businesses, manage a separate system for a major international jurisdiction, and a system for coordination of compliance management and compliance management systems.

More than 100 million yuan new loans

The difficulties in financing the private enterprise, "The measures to support the further development of the private economy" for small and medium-sized businesses, the volume of bank credit risk is about $ 2 billion. From Yuan to 5 billion Rose to Yuan, raising the upper limit of risk repayment loans. These benefits will be distributed to small and micro-business owners and individual commercial and commercial households, with a new bank loan of more than 100 billion yuan.

In addition, small and small private businesses will link banking activities and internal stimulus mechanisms to permanently renew their loans and support the development of private economy after the micro-credit expiration.

New issued bonds are more than 100 million yuan

Private Business Financing Financing, "Several Measures to Support the Further Improvement of the Private Sector," suggests that private equity financing instruments should be utilized to provide loans of up to 10 billion yuan and provide credit support to funding providers. Establishment of a risk sharing mechanism for corporate bonds issue and KZT 100 bln. Implementation of issued bonds of new private enterprises over Yuan.

In addition, a list of private companies, GEM, New Third Council and scientific and technical advice at the main meeting. Support for qualified private companies to be published in foreign listings and to maintain compliance with the ODI audit for businesses listed abroad.

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