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Scientists say that the edge of the galaxy hides the great galaxy, the British media: there is still a secret that is unresolved – Zhongxin.com


Scientists say that the edge of the galaxy hides the great galaxy, while the British media: there is no secret.

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British mass media say that behind the milk and gas slabs there is a galaxy of phenomena that differs from other galaxies previously seen by humans. At least some astronomers say this – but another researcher has asked their conclusions.

According to the British weekly New Scientist, November 16, galaxy galaxies are one-third of the Milky Way. It is located in an astronomical Antria, 450 million light years from Earth. It is called "Antelia-2" or "Ante-2".

Researcher Gabriel Torealva observes: "The Milky Way is similar to some galaxies around the globe, and we know that they exist for many years, but the size of these galaxies is 10 times higher and their brightness is distributed in the sky. The larger area is very fragile and it is more difficult to find it. «

According to the report, he and his team "Ante-2" capture the bright star RR Lyle variable, vibrating the RR Lyle variables, brighten and darken for a long time. As you know, every small galaxy that has become an orbit on the Milky Way has a pendulum that is synchronized with at least one rotating star.


The big monster

According to the report, Torre Yarwa and his team used four RR Lyle stars watching the location and movement of nearby stars and watching the Milky Way and mapping it around the Gaia. The band moved together a set of pulsating stars.

The report found that 100 red stars around the four RR stars measured the light at the same speed, meaning that they belonged to that galaxy. But these stars show that galaxies in which they are located are in the country.

The research team covered about 9.5 thousand light years depending on the distance from "Ante-2". But for such a large galaxy is very bad. Its diffusion range is 100 times more than the hyper diffusion galaxy. This "Ante-2" surface brightness means the lowest known star systems.

Torre Yalwa believes this may be due to the dark matter of the Milky Way. It can be evenly distributed in the center, not in galaxies, but on Ante-2. This allows the Ante-2 to save large volumes in case of loss of mass due to the gravitational impact of the "Fluid Path".


Wonderful galaxy

However, representative of the Italian Astrophysics Institute Gisella Clementin will still be able to answer some questions without knowing the specific features of the Ante-2. He described the RR stars he had seen on the Gaia satellite and claimed that there was a mistake in the formula used by Torreyalava to calculate the distance from Ante-2.

When he noticed that, he advised to work with colleagues from Bologna and Naples, thinking that they were all about measuring distance. This is a serious problem, as the characteristics of this galaxy are unusual except for the Estei estimate that the galaxy is far from us.

Clementine agrees that this group needs to be re-examined and to reconsider this issue. He says: "They found something, but at this point, I can not estimate any property of the system unless we confirm the calculation."

According to Clementin, the star of RR Lyle is not galaxies, but may be in front of the galaxy. If so, the research group, known as "Ante-2," is a good luck. If the distance between galaxies is farther than we thought, the dimensions of the galaxy would be excessive. But if it is closer, it looks like a simple curve galaxy.

According to Torre Yarwa, the distance between the RR Lair and the star is about 260,000 light years instead of 424,000 light years. But they used two more methods to confirm the distance of other stars in "Ante-2". He must have had hundreds of such variables in the galaxy like The Ante-2, and this is the closest to the group. He also said that new reports did not change Ante-2's interesting character.

Professor Alan McConnigne of the University of Victoria, Canada, states: "To make the galaxy unique, its distance is twice as high if you've changed it to 10% or 20%, which is still a stunning object. «

According to him, we already know that the "lost" galaxies were hidden behind the gas and dust on our Milky Way. There is also a small number of large and scattered galaxies, such as Crater 2 and Andromeda 19. He said: "Whether they have some extreme objects or a new type of galaxies, we need to be accustomed to it."

If the galaxy is surrounded by a galaxy that cultivates the galaxy, then it may be necessary to re-write how dark the dark matter is and the mechanism for the collection of stars in dark matter, if the galaxy is different than previously thought. (Compile / Hu

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