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The first stage of the Chinese tour in Chongqing has ended, defender Zhang Xinjun – Sohu Sports – Hanfeng Net


2018-11-22 22:21:16 Source: Sohu Sports

The first stage of the Chinese tour in Chongqing ended, defense lawyer Zhang Xinjun climbed to the top.

On November 22, 2018, the first round of the Chinese tour Chongqing Tsinglong Ash. Defense champion Zhang Sinjun once again stood at the top of the mountainous city with five birds and one goat (-4) round. Korean playmaker Jaewon LEE – the player who has captured most birds this day (6), but regretted that three giants swallowed. Zhang Yiuhong is another prominent Chinese player today: 4 birds and 1 bougainour second, Li Zianan and five other players.

Zhang Sinyuan is still satisfied with his current status, and Qinglong is still changing rapidly in the green velocity, and today he can shoot three or four shots, but still common. Yes, be better.

Lee Zaiyan

Zheng Yujen

South Korean player Woojin JUNG often participates in the Chongqing competition, which has today awarded the 4th Bo-1 and now is in the second place. Although South Korea is relatively cold, Zheng Yuzheng does not want to play in cold weather, and Zeng Suchen, who has been in a bad situation for two days, is very grateful. "I want to play well, but the post-transitional period is always a bit hurt and sorry to close the holes."

Guangdong player Zhang Yuhon entered the big list on Monday, but is better than today's Monday. "Today's dragonfly is much better than Monday, but the pistons are slower, and most of the holes are very close to the flag, but they all disappear, but the game is upset. Metallurgy is still being adjusted. " Zhang Ihong, who is warming up in the first round of the championship, uses short sleeve jacket to fight Chongqing winter: "There are still few holes in the 5 stadiums. 6, 14, 15, but the 5th well is not swallowed, the second is successful, I hope tomorrow will be better ".

The 5th door (four holes) of the event is now considered as complicated, with 4.72 points on average, only two players have a bird in this bird. A solid drop point, as well as a dangerous half-way bucket and a green bucket bucket, allow many players to choose a conservative game in this pit. ON symbols for top players and slopes on the right side of green Many balloons have been gathered this day. Canadian player Beon Yeong LEE believes that Pai is the 5th hole, but this is the most difficult part of the day, and he is the only player who swallowed the pair in this round.

According to weather forecasts, the temperature in Chongqing will rise tomorrow, and the players will feel the same, so be it!

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