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The state lease housing can not be used again within 5 years of illegal sublicense loan. The standard of the "face recognition" community is the National Economic Portal

Original name: The state rental lease can not be used again within 5 years.

Original name: "flattering" standard

The Beijing Housing and Urban Housing Commission has recently issued a Notice on Further Enhancement of Rental and Leasing Housekeeping (hereinafter called "Notice"). "Notification" is aimed at further implementation of managerial responsibility of property rights divisions, strengthening supervision of supervisory units, strengthening supervision and joint penalties, strict elimination of violations of mediation agencies and network platforms, enhancement of technical safeguards and improving reporting mechanisms. It is necessary to create a long-term mechanism for the improvement of public housing rental control. The reporter noted that the newly built and completed state-owned rental facilities will be equipped with technical measures such as "personal recognition" and smart door locks.

From 9 November to 15 November 2018, the "Remark" is open to the public for comment. According to a responsible person of the city Construction and Building Committee, urban residents have confirmed and supported the efforts of the city to strengthen the supervision of lending and subsidization of rental housing, which will lead to a new stage in the management and maintenance of public housing in this city. This is an important measure of the development of the state system of rental housing control in the city.

The reporter alleged that illicit housing loans and lending standards were based on "public leasing of housing management" and other relevant regulations on administrative treatment, the elimination of various forms of family-owned shelter, termination of rental subsidies. return home, be penalized and restore illegal profits in accordance with applicable law.

Additionally, the city involves severe penalties for Beijing. For example, abusive family information is recorded in poorly formatted formats, from the date of decision to disqualify family housing (including subsidizing market lease) and has no right to apply for housing within five years; Those who qualify for an application are often protected by market lease subsidies.

"These are strict rules, and the illegal placement of households and borrowing are primarily attributed to low-income families. According to the state-of-the-art social safeguards, a certain protection regime should still be granted within five years." Responsible person responded.

In joint implementation of joint disciplinary measures in various areas, the municipality accelerates the creation and improvement of the credit information exchange system between different departments, as well as the information on the use of public housing by violation of laws and regulations, relocation of appropriate divisions and subdivisions in accordance with regulatory documents and allows subjects to implement. Joint Punishment. That is, the subtitling and lending of the employer's family can affect many family members in the future.

Reporter "Message" also includes "personal recognition" and smart door locks of state-owned housing projects included in the city's affordable housing construction plan. so family members who do not attend households are not allowed to enter the building. From the date of notification, a new rental housing project for affordable housing construction should be equipped with technical equipment, cost of purchase and installation of equipment may be included in the construction cost, the incomplete construction is completed. An additional cost may be included in the cost of the construction if the completed project fails to meet the above requirements, it should be completed by July 1, 2019. Costs of reconstruction and operation may be included in project work and management costs.

Since November 12, the Urban Housing Committee launches a new round of check-in for the use of state-owned housing in the city, and the state lease creates a standard mechanism for regular inspections of housing management. According to reports, this round of inspection selected 91 state-owned housing projects, the overall situation was good and personal issues were settled as soon as possible to correct real estate rights.

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