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Was Yuquan Concert lost Xiaomi this time? East Fortune Line


Does Xiaomi lose money this time? In the 28th year official Xiaomi microblog is releasedher

NotificationThe 20th anniversary of Yuukan's 20th anniversary concert will be canceled at the Beijing Stadium in Beijing on December 25, 2018, with the release of the Beijing Special Edition, which will be replaced by alternative players.

Screenshots: "We have Millet Products" Weibo

Official Weibo of Xinjiang Branch in Beijing's Bureau of Public Security has detained two drug-related criminals in Xinjiang's public security division, according to a local resident (male, 43 years old, singer) in Beijing. Mean (female, 25 years old, unemployed), stage 7.96 grams of ice, 2.14 grams cannabis. After urine analysis, Chen was pleasantly surprised by the ice and cannabis and was positive for cannabis.

At present, Chen has been imprisoned for taking drugs because of illicit drug trafficking and drug trafficking. The case is in the process of further work. According to China's news network, sources have shown that this person is singer Chen Yuphan.

Xiaomi owns a product that has been involved in the concept of self-media platform, which is replaced by an equivalent ticket (compliant with the high 1280 coupon) and the product can be selected in Xiaomi.

According to public information, the life of Xiaomi boutiques and the e-commerce platform of Xiaomi, which was launched on the 6th of October, 2017. This concert is called Xiaomi only, and for this purpose the seeds of the Pinyuquan musical carnival product are sold and sold for two people's memory puppets, which is expensive.

Xiaomi announced that this product will be replaced by concert tickets, and he will have a hot talk at Weibo. Some netizens have said that "sufferers" and netizens "are so sad that the original product exists only to make a name, and the advertising goes."

Some netizens explain

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