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Wuhan Mulan Mountain Marathon Release Run Bey Janson "Cipher" How to Work For Longer | Hostel Yao Miao Marathon _ Sina News


Original Name: Wuhan Mulan Mountain Marathon Release Run Run Bai Yansong Solution How Long Can You Work?

In the Bardodo game, which won the world championship among men. Organizing committee for the map

BEIJING, Peking, November 12. According to the Organizing Committee, the Wuhan Mulan mountain marathon in 2018 was opened on the 11th floor, located in the Mulan Mountains in Wuhan, Jiangxi District. About 5,000 players from around the world traveled through three scenic scenes of the Mountains of Mountains, the Magnolia Valley, and the Mulian lakes to create a dynamic illustration of the "Mountains, Good Water and Souls."

The famous CCTV host, Rich Yansong, took part in the 11-kilometer race and announced the fitness launch at the opening ceremony. "Everybody can run, if you want to run for a long time, you have to run slowly. We will glorify ourselves and achieve our goal.

The opening ceremony was rich Yansong. Organizing committee for the map

The Athletics Association of China, the Wuhan Municipal Sports Bureau and the People's Government of Huangpi District, are located in the Trojan cultural and environmental tourist zone, which includes three courses: full marathon, half marathon and 11 km fitness tour. Participants can enjoy a unique Huanghua scenery along the way. Players from 51 countries and regions from Konya, Ethiopia, Uganda and China's Jaya Renaissance will take part. Yao Miao, Min Min and others. It's a great match between runners and runners.

After a tough competition, a crowned male crown won 2 hours, 30 minutes and 58 seconds in Bago, Mongolia. After the game, Bado says, "The road is very beautiful here, running around here – it's never been before. Women's day championship was won by Chinese coach Yao Miao for 2 hours, 43 minutes and 02 seconds. Each received a bonus of 30,000 yuan. Yao Miao said that the first six miles of the Panshan Road is a big task, and the legs are acidic, so I can keep it.

The women's full-time champion, Yao Miaokhong, is in a moment. Organizing committee for the map

Chinese player Yaya Renziah and Kenyan Lilian won the UTMKOCC championship for 1 hour, 14 minutes and 05 seconds and 1 hour, 22 minutes and 50 seconds, respectively. Jaya Renzija highly appreciated the service and service: "The track is very beautiful, the staff is very energetic and the experience is very good." (End)

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