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Xian: Raise the price of natural gas to reduce the gas price for the people! Whom do you choose for two programs? – –

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Today, on November 12, at 9:00, a planned event on the cost of Xian Natural Gas Price Reform was held, which was actually 23 people and there was no one.

Remind that, the price of city gas distribution has been revised, the seasonal pricing policy has been implemented and the price plan has been announced. For example, what is the reason for this change in natural gas prices? What is the direction of adjustment? What are the options?

As reported in the message, by the end of 2017, Xi'an has a total of 3.28 million families and 13,628 resident users, with an annual gas supply of 2.27 billion cubic meters, of which 1,546 billion cubic meters of gas. The uninhabited gas supply is 724 million cubic meters.

The price of natural gas is currently composed of three parts: the higher the price of the station, the provincial pipeline prices, and the city's gas distribution price.

Currently, the price of non-residential gas: 2,30 yuan per cubic meter;

Central heating gas: The cost of the boiler in the residential area is 1,89 yuan for 1 cubic meter of gas, the central heating of the municipality is 2.04 yuan per 1 cubic meter.

Need for reform of natural gas prices

1. The state has created a new mechanism;

2. Residents' prices have not been adjusted for many years;

3. It is difficult to support subsidies;

4. The price mechanism is not flexible.

How to Reform?

The first is to adjust the selling price of housing gas. In order to thoroughly adjust the price correction factor in the province, it is necessary to translate the cost of the Xian Wet Power Station to 0.056 yuan per cubic meter.

The second is to re-fix the city's gas distribution price. It is necessary to re-fix the price of gas distribution in all settlements and reduce the price level on new management measures.

Third – creating a dynamic pricing mechanism that reflects the change in supply and demand. The Northern region should form a seasonal price difference system that is sensitive to change in supply and demand, as well as reducing peaks and using prices to fill the fields.

Special Reform Plan

The price of approved gas for the city gas pipeline is 0.55 yuan per cubic meter.

Option 1: Prices of residents and distribution of non-resident gas.

1. Adjust the price of classification gas. The cost of gas distribution will be adjusted from 0.4 yuan per cubic meter to 0.56 yuan per cubic meter, and to 1 cubic meter by 0.06 yuan. The principal gas distribution price is from 0.754 yuan per cubic meter to 0.55 yuan, up to 0.204 yuan adjusted. Each cubic meter.

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