Sunday , August 14 2022

Zhou Singchi's new film "The New King of Comedies" celebrated New Year – Cinema – cnBeta.COM


Steven Chou's new film officially announced the title of "The New King of the Comedy" and released a handwritten poster, a mysterious artifact holds "seven weapons" and "the only one" position. Sprouts and leaves. The film will be released on the whole nationwide New Year celebration. The official blog of the movie also announced the release of three directors Steven Chou on the stage of the shoot. The Hinge is in close contact with the crew and actors.

"The King of the Comedy" – one of the masterminds of Zhou Sincchu, Zhou Sincchu is full of grief in the world, but still plays as an actor engaged in performances. The film's reputation is very good, and the region's score is 8.6. That is why many fans have great expectations for the "New Comedy King", but the film is still mysterious, and the list of actors has not been published, and it has to announce official publication.

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