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Zhu Tin enters Hua Hin: fear of returning home – World Cup – CCTV – Hanfeng.com


2018-11-29 11:26:04 Source: CCTV

The year in which the Chinese conception was born is an important milestone.

Song Zongzeng once wrote in the Dongyu Various Record: "From the beginning of the summer to the beginning of summer, Jiang has twenty-four winds, the first flowers are the first, and the flowers are the last." Since then, women have compared women with the age of twenty-four years as "Year of Flower Letters," which means a good old age and a beautiful life.

Ju Tin has a twenty-four-year-old daughter who is interested in everything. Although Lee did not like Bai's age, "the sword went back to his country and retired," but in fact he created his ideal country on the faraway scene.

Compared with the excellent transcripts presented annually, Zhu Ting is highly respected after his heart, the courage of any human being, the first heart of the heart with a strong and reputable name never ends. .

From the age of 19, the young Zhu Tinzh, who led the Chinese women's volleyball championship, became more and more enthusiastic about volleyball.

In the eyes of professionals Ju Tin possesses a very high volleyball talent, a sense of tranquility and a psychological quality, and is the key to keeping a decisive ability to make almost everything to become a star.

Therefore, people think that the consequences will not be as good as the competition they have. Zhu Ting has confirmed that he used only one Olympic cycle time to pay cash with them in cash, the champion of the World Cup, the Olympic champion, the champion of the UEFA Champions Cup.

Last year, Zhu Tin gave four European wars. Among them was not only the dream of the Turkish Super League champion Zhu Ting's heart-felt league championship, but also the experience of being in the ocean. At the time he talked about preparations for the Turkish League against basketball, he admitted that he was moving forward.

The Wakif Bank team, Wu Tin, is a well-known European women's volleyball team. Every year there are high density events, and it is likely to be the Super Bowl, the Champions League and the World Cup.

Zhou Tin said that in pentathlon, psychological reactions can only be achieved at a critical moment. Of course, it's a matter of "great heart" games, like the semi-finals of the Champions League, rebuilding its strongest enemies. The desire to experience is that he decides to fight abroad, and not to the praise, the carnival, or the people's money.

For his career in Europe, Zhu Ting has a quiet understanding of younger generations. "For me, on the one hand, I know other people, but I know everything well, maybe it's good and unpleasant."

Ju Tin's response to the top-level players is still thorough training, solid core skills and weaknesses. According to him, he should be versatile in technology, and then he will be able to achieve stability in a strong dialogue.

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