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Apple will cut production of new phones


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According to US media reports, this decline could be the third in the position of iPhone XR.

On September 12, a technology company Apple announced the launch of its new smartphone: iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. It's Monday Wall Street Journal (WSJ), American media have shown that the impact of this device on the market is not expected by Apple.

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In particular, the newspaper said that Apple's latest mobile phones production should be cut this week. The IPhone XR is expected to reach 70 million in February 2019, with up to 47 million new revisions.

"The anticipated reduction in Apple Inc.'s demand for new iPhone and more models of the company has led to many confusion over the delivery chain and made it difficult for Apple to anticipate the number of components. The phones you need are part of the analysis made by WSJ.

Remember, in December 2017 Bloomberg as well as its latest release – the release of iPhone X. The reasons seem to be published for new releases, lower than expected.

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However, there is a fall in the number of mobile phones that the company sells, so it can be seen that the behavior has grown since the end of 2017 and has no effect on their earnings. This is explained by the introduction of new products in their portfolio beyond the smartphone. On October 30, Apple launched the latest release of the new iPad Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini.

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