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Argentina did not have Messi, Iskardy and Dibala defeated Mexico 2-0


There are plenty of backups for storing Scaloni DT. Last hours, Icardi, Dybala, veteran goalkeeper Sergio Romero, and a strong defender Nikolas Talijafo praised him.

Argentina beat Mexico 2-0 for the second time in five days. Mauro Ikaridi and Paulo Diwala met with goalkeepers of Mikhail Ikar and Paulo Dibala, forgetting Lionel Messi and having a 1000-meter match at Malvinas Argentinas de Mendoza stadium. In the west of Buenos Aires.

Last Friday I had the same effect in Cordoba (in the middle). Ikaridi, Inter Milan and Juventus dropped the track without allowing the goal to score a goal.

Icaraddi started early, in 2 minutes of the game and Dibala was 87 years old, and about 30,000 spectators were in Malvinas, Argentina. Messi was not invited by friends.

The match ended in a draw for the two teams, which will be played by intermediate coaches.

Lionel Scaloni DT is made in Argentina, which is affiliated to the Copa América Brasil-2019. "It is creating a t-shirt group," said Claudio Tapia, President of the Argentine Football Association (AFA).

Ricardo & # 39; Tuca & # 39; In the case of Ferretti, the decision to terminate its role in Mexico is expected and is expected to be signed.

– Lamela helmsman –

He crossed into the left flank until he had passed through two defenders and dropped to the gate of the Captain. Eighteen minutes before the end, Dabala finished a deep blow from Giovanni Simeone, and the other was quicker.

Semifinalist Eric Lamela was an effective axis of rotation in the incubated region. In fact, this was his fast passage, allowing him to go to Icardi.

Such an early advantage has caused the development of the game. Mexico had to move forward while planning a conservative scheme with two lines of four custodians.

But there was no ship with three men. It was just isolated attacking attacks, very well-publicized, slow and surprising. The most subtle midfielder was Victor Guzman. But Javier Aquino and Eric Gutierrez had gray scenes.

The only leader, Henry Martin, was from Central Walter Cannmann and Ramiro Founder Mori. In front of the defense, Santiago Ascacar and Roberto Pereira, according to competition, most defenders were devoted to the breakthrough in Mexico.

Argentina was unable to influence Gabriel Mercado and Marcos Acuña's projections. The idea to unite Lamela with Rodrigo de Paula and Maximiliano Meza worked with short excitement.

– Test Laboratory –

Scandinavia has moved many spare parts in pursuit of new challenges. However, the team was not disturbed by the expectations that Edson Alvarez had managed to resist the Mexican defense.

The Delegation of Mexico has gone from other clubs, such as Guillermo, Memo Ochoa or Miguel Lines, who returned to their clubs on weekends.

In the test and error plan, Scaloni brought Franco Cervi, Giovani Lo Celso, Dybala and Simeone to the dynamics. Leandro Paredes, one of the best refereeing midfielder, has replaced the Ascendant. Almost no one was insured in one of Chaloney's chosen ones.

The archer is not even loud. Tottenham Hotspur's Paulo Gazzani became Gironio Rulli's absolute debut album in the album. His fiery baptism was on the head of Jesus Gallardo.

Ferretti, at the second stage, also sought intensity and perseverance. They included Gallardo, Roberto Alvarado, Hiram Miers, Luis Rodriguez and Alan Pulidi. It's free.

There are plenty of backups for storing Scaloni DT. Last hours, Icardi, Dybala, veteran goalkeeper Sergio Romero and strong defender Nicholas Thaljafo praised him.

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