Friday , September 30 2022

Bad TV, Internet or Phone Claims? Now this enterprise is involved


From now on, the Superintendent of Industry and Commerce (SEC) will be responsible for monitoring all claims and complaints regarding the quality of this service after the entry into force of the 1978 Act of 2019.

"The Superindustry will then be concentrated as the sole control and supervisory body responsible for the protection of users of the ICT sector, including mobile telephony, fixed telephony, mobile Internet, fixed Internet, postal services. and subscription and community television, "said the company.


In addition, users may ask for privileges for requests that have not been sent to them within fifteen (15) business days after the operator has been granted "positive administrative restraint".

This means that SECs can apply sanctions, give orders to operators of these services, issue orders, and guarantee effective protection of their rights. 5.9 million users in the country have 58 subscribers.

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