Thursday , August 18 2022

Can he wear red? America is also ready to replace Cali for "caliber" for Diego Herner


American Kalia on the sports ground will be 2019. The latest news of the Scarlet Club is not up to date Diego Herner, Although Pecoso is aware of the intention to remain in Castro, the player.

After abandoning the Argentine defender, the red set will remain in the Paraguayan pocket of another foreigner. Rubén Darío Monges Figari, currently The sport of Lugano.

At the age of 25, Figari came to Auriazul in 2017, along with her native town – Libertad in Paraguay, Rubio Sue and

The midfielder also set up a Paraguayan U-20 team and approached the América de Cali team in 2019, studying the potential acceptance of managers.

When asked about the problem, the player said, "I know that there is interest in America, but hopefully Paraguay will end, and we will sit with my representative to tell you about our situation."

The destiny of Danilo Arboleda and Diego Herner is the same (primarily). Monges Played 35 games, went to the second and made two goals (until 3 February and Serro Porteno).

Here is a full interview Rubén Darío Monges Figari Desirable signing of the Smoke Free Zone program:

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