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Cinema and TV: BIOS, Gustavo Cerati on the back of the scenes


Gustavo Cerati's description is easy when you sing songs like Soda Stereo or Light music. However, the surface of the Argentine rock can only be accounted for by family and friends.

Laura Cerati, the singer's mother, told PUBLIMETRO about the process and the family's participation in the documentary.

How do you feel when you see your brother's work yet and his figure is involved?

It is not surprising, as it sometimes feels so much, and sometimes even more, that it brings us comfort and strength, connects us with those who know us and who we do not know. Gustavo has become so effective that his music is so valuable and so classic for many people and new generations. It is a delight for the whole family.

When you browse the documentation, more than one tear will run away.

This biographical proposal comes to us only when we begin to see some of these files and pictures because we have been very sensitive for a long time. We will not stop, but time will help him a little and help us we can see some of our life history pictures and can not see it for a long time. But now we see that we are at a family stage, which can be a little bit closer to each other, laughing and, of course, full of joy and sorrow. At the same time, everything is very beautiful.

How did Kerati come to have a family? What aspects of your personality do you always love?

Gustavo was very passionate and curious. He was entertaining, clever, childhood, and at the same time he was a very paternal, protective, funny, and ridiculous person, and he felt good, strong and intense. Like our brothers, we never fight, even young children. Our unmatched brother had a good relationship with us.

Sometimes it is all about Cerati's life, what are the new things that make them interact?

I think the people who viewed the documentation decided to rely on this biography, testimony, anecdotes, and even some unpublished reports, some musicians have been relying on exciting pictures drawn by their cameras. This is, in short, the hardest of life, some things, but in fact it is too much and it is emotional. This is what we want to share with people who appreciate it and do not like it.

The host of the program, Javier Mena, told about the purpose of introducing the passion for the privacy of the musician's private life.

Why do you think that you chose for this program?

I think the family, especially their children, has a lot of things to do with Gustavo, and that's what I know and what I'm talking about, and he's listening to my music. They took ownership of the documentary in different ways. That would be possible host From a larger country, they have made even greater success, they chose me, Chile, because they felt that there was much more with Gustava, my music and art.

Why was he surprised by everything he knew about Cerati's life?

He reached a few hours for the song, how it works, and read. Even those who were around him sometimes ran out and did not understand how a person could handle the clock. Practice the daily soda stereo for 12 hours, and practice your energy with inexhaustible energy.

What aspects of Keraty can greatly enhance the singer's feelings?

The most beautiful part of Gustave is a man like usual. This is a wall of the Rockies, which works for countless hours by their favorite children's studio and studio.

Laura López – PUBLIMETRO

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