Saturday , June 25 2022

Colombia has 149 confirmed beets


This National Institute of Health is affirmed on its website. The most tragic event is Cartagena, where 64 patients were presented. It's almost imported from Venezuela.

Vaccine is the only way to prevent beetle spread. Pixnio

2014 was a good year for healthcare in Colombia. The country received a very valuable certificate: it was released from a serious illness, against which the whole world struggled against it: beetroot. The last attack took place in 2011 and since that time no vacuum has occurred. Since then, only three have been registered with viral infection before the beginning of this year, but they have been brought to patients. (Read about obesity in children, another problem related to pollution)

But today's scenario has changed. According to the National Institute of Health (INS), 149 cases were confirmed in Colombia until October 30, Though it is concerned about the patients imported from Venezuela, this issue is of concern to the authorities. (Please read "Celebrate 3 years of fighting to reduce the cost of antituberculous preparations")

Health Minister Juan Pablo Uribe has been involved in public health issues a few months before saying: "An important issue is related to Venezuelan migration. Hundreds of thousands of families come to our area, most of them without adequate vaccination coverage. We've seen cases of measles, such as locally ill illnesses, which make us mix in a special situation and strengthen the epidemiological surveillance. " (There is no equivalent pressure on Colombia for medication)

His forecast seems to have been confirmed by INS numbers. Cartagena is in most cases (64) followed by Kukka (26). There are 7 people in Bogotá, aged 12 and 10 in San-Onofte, San-Onoft, in Bogotá, including Bolívar, Arjona and Turbaco.

According to INS, 4,863 cases were registered, but 4,327 were eliminated.

This may be further extended to prevent the virus, Minsalud has initiated several initiatives. One of the last was vacant vaccination that took place in the middle of October. Vaccine is the only way to prevent the spread of the disease through respiratory secretions, when the person speaks, coughs or small drops during a hit.

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