Thursday , August 11 2022

DIAN improved the electronic invoice. The main news of Colombia Radio Santa Fe 1070


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To improve a system that optimizes and simplifies and simplifies industrial processes, the National Tax and Customs Administration – DIAN – is to improve the electronic invoice for the current period in the country.

Implementation time

According to Jose Andrés Romero Tarazone, CEO of the organization, as of December 1, major taxpayers have to fill in the current account in electronic form. However, companies in this group have found that companies that have a technical or commercial difficulty can recover their earnings by January 1, 2019.

From January 1, 2019 only the Big Taxpayers will apply. Individuals and companies not belonging to this group should start electronic account starting from 2019 on economic activity in the second phase of the project; they create a DIAN table for them.

Check-in for invoices

According to the Executive Director, at the present stage of the project implementation, the electronic invoice will be checked after DIAN has been created, and the second stage will only create the Entity with the possibility to validate the situation when the validation occurs in advance in real-time mode and due to Distant Distances.

"In addition to optimizing this process, there is no need to save costs on companies, and to go to third-party invoices," said the Director General.

Larger taxpayers and other debtors electing an invoice in electronic form, as well as voluntary initiation of their own system of electronic invoices, will have a reasonable time to move to the second phase. preliminary inspection

It is important to show that these events are compatible with the systems purchased by companies and process providers.

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