Friday , August 19 2022

Documentaries save penguins from danger and test some


The BBC filmmaker team stopped recording the penguin colony from death. They worked on Nature Documentary in David Attenborough: Dynasty.

In a group of emperor penguins trying to survive the harsh winter in Antarctica, the strongest storm rattled just over the walls and broke some of the bright penguins. The scene was part of the latest episode this week, and stopped the audience before it even seemed to be deadly.

In the picture, the manger penguins are trying to quit their chicks, and the rest remain stagnant. At that moment the team made a decision. For the first time, they say, they have turned their backs and decided not to allow the situation to continue in the invisible direction. They acted only after the death of the first children. Days passed.

On November 19, a film that was originally posted on YouTube but was no longer available, director Williamsonson explained that it was a good idea to think about a good time and finally to try a little distance. animals can fall into traps. The guests were happy to use the penguins as an outward aid.

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, after some time some criticized the action, as well as the veteran operator of Attenborough, Dag Allan, said that no obstacle in such documentary films is a fundamental rule: "If you are communicating with predatory and predatory, The phenomenon, the key to your participation, should not affect the outcome. But I do not see any problems with the crew intervention. The momentum you make will not prevent or stop the decision you make.

He agrees that it is wrong not to be involved in a predatory act, but in that case they did not intimidate the penguins. They all made a way to escape. If the film crew decides to move them and move them, this would be a much more stressful situation for the penguins.

"In my opinion, in this case, their actions are completely reasonable and understandable. He would do the same in his own way, "Allan said.

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