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Duque and Uribe are complicated, but dependent



President Uruj regained control of the eight-year drought and is now one of his pupils and now president.

On the right of the President Ivan Duke former president Álvaro Uribe last Wednesday, at Casa de Nariño, with more than 200 regional leaders from the Democratic Center. All visitors have the same concern: Increase of VAT on products in the family portfolio.

The leader of the party, Druck, Uruba urged the president to help mitigate the mood caused by the draft law on financing the president, as they will be punished and threatened next year at polling stations, municipalities and gubernatorial elections.

In dealing with trade unions and other parties, President Duke explained to them what he thought of the advantages of the initiative and talked about the dialogue that was open to reach consensus on the protests.

The open message was predominant: not only war, but also democracy, because Uribe is the ultimate pledge of governance and, hence, power and influence, despite the fact that the democratic center is the only worthy party to the president, even though he has not turned down the VAT.

This is not a political downturn

A political country would give Uruguis a presidential victory on Duke on August 7, but if he had received enough votes, the Senate Speaker would want another leader.

After several attempts at the end of July, the Supreme Court ordered an investigation into the manipulation of witnesses against former President Uruguay. Taking this into account, he announced his retirement from the Senate, but decided to remain active at the end.

In that sense, the new president was opened, the same day Uribe was the most popular in Bolivia even when he was acknowledged by the Senate president, Ernesto Viañas, President Duke also spoke.

At the political scene of a political downturn, when his main character seemed to be exaggerated, he did not disappear, even in the worst case of voting. According to Gallup in August of the current year, Uribe is 42% favorable and 51% unfavorable.

It allowed the country and the government to see the only possible increase in the minimum wage; This violation of children has allowed the project to be considered a crime against a politician; he was ahead of the president in the project that abolished the guarantee law; and he goes with Supersalud, gives a lot of teeth to catch someone else and to be more careful about him.

He also pointed out that in one of the most important political events of the government's first source: opposition leaders, including two main opponents – senators Gustavo Petro e Ivan Sepeda, and for the first time talked with Fark party members.

The aim of this small summit was to socialize the proposal to create an alternative room for military exercise, and although it did not reach its goal, new initiatives would be impartial to the body, on the other hand, (in the left or human rights, but near the military doctrine).

Also, on Tuesday, he introduced the agenda three new projects, giving half-a-time reward to employees who earn less than three minimum salaries. Similar to what the President did in 2002, the amount of additional charges for the night and Sunday reduced, but the minimum wage growth was 8.4%. It is only one case, but the consequences of this labor reform, on the contrary, remain in force.

However, when the former president met with the anti-Czech stands at the Medal Center in Medela last week, he was given the highest status for his disagreement with the proposal of the VAT. He asked Minhacienda to look at other alternatives.

In the same sense, although other trade unions and parties already have no response from the government, after this statement, Minister Karaskilla met with the former president and President Duke called for trade unions and opened a dialogue with consensus

After completing a meeting with Carrasquilla, Urava went to the press to protect the advantages of the financial project before the press, and to remind Duke of the country's deficit. In addition, the head of the Uribe Treasury portfolio informed the parties that they are looking for other options to correct this reform, but have been encouraged.

Lastly, he gave the key to the economy plan prepared by the government's directive, and only the president signed this Friday. According to this measure, over the next four years 9 trillion tenge will be spent on the expenses of senior executives. Peso saves.

This is a clever man of the tribe

Even the most critically acclaimed orbibist critics pay special attention to the democratic order. Stationary is always neat and always operating in the block. But this does not mean to be self-denying, but to the leader respectfully.

On the right, he does not have Senator Duke, Senator Paisa Paola Holguin, and then other dignity. And since everyone was waiting for his blessing, he offered the name of the city council in Bogota. Likewise, other capital cities and departments also exist.

The attendance of the Presidential Duke in every Saturday workshop was not observed in the country of creation. He comes before the president, but they are accompanied by selfishness sessions.

The Head of State taught Uruguay to build a state through popular dialogue, one of the foundations of the democratic center; and their personal style, they are a reminder of the Uribe security councils.

Local authorities greet themselves in this space, and at the beginning of the event, the director of the orchestra, Karen Abudinen, the high presidential advisor of the regions, and then the Duke.

For example, two months ago, for example, the former president was involved in two seminars at the Amadeus Seminar. One is excentadrian and the other is senator. He just welcomed the participants, remembered the anecdotes and encouraged the government.

During these meetings, Uibe crosses data or concerns with ministers. They will closely monitor your questions and suggestions.

A month before the president's visit to Antakya, he joined the former president to the Montevideo Municipal Secretariat, where the XXX meeting of the South-Eastern Antioquia leaders took place.

In the previous government Uribe avoided the president Juan Manuel Santos in this regional space. If someone was on a daily basis, the second came in the afternoon. This time, Duke, the former President of the United States, came to the table on the right.

Is there a joint government?

Despite the fact that many voted for Duke, his opponents, despite the criticism that Uib was the true power.

Accordingly Juan Carlos Arenas, A professor of the Institute for Political Studies at Anticoia, a "singular" balance form of a president's decision-maker, where a coalition will appear in the country. Republic

For John Fernando Restrefo, At Medellin. Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Duke, was the only one to become President: Uruguay Approval. "Without him, I do not know where he is. According to him, the shipwrecked man asked him to drop his clothes.

He pointed out that Uribe's support was needed to continue with the JEP and the Farc, which would not make important decisions in the Palace, but the interest of senator Uibek is important.

This panorama was taken into account Andrés Úsuga, Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Pontificia Bolivariana, since 2014, despite the magnificent performance of Senator Duke, his travel and experience were insufficient for his campaign and insufficient to succeed.

Therefore, the government has a high technical content, the Congress needs political support, especially from its party and, of course, its leader, from Uruguay.

Is there a pause?
As President was elected, Duke could not be the head of the party as with other presidents. For this reason, in the case of a hypothetical break with the former president, apart from the divorce between Uribe and Santos, congressmen surround Uribe and not with Santos.

Unlike Santos, who replaced the office in the cabinet, Duke has no majority and has structured his cabinet with political calculations, so the fight against the CD is politically alone.

After the rally, the Head of State clearly states that he does not control his party, and that he can resist the position of the President of the CD on the most important issues for the country. former president

You can connect it Miguel Silva, U. Nacional's political figure, Duke, is not the leader of his party, it is difficult for him to take his own initiatives as agenda reform, and that's why the CD is acting like another party. Your independence

Thus, although anti-corruption counseling, with some appointments and now VAT, there is no honeymoon between Uribe and Duque, which still has no expiration date. This is definitely a symbiosis.

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