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EOM shows donors' "dance" for campaign participants


In a report titled "Democracias – Empeñadas," the organization demonstrates that political donors donated $ 169,000,000 under contracts; It also indicates that 65% of the agreement was written in the same way as one propoganda.

When launching the 2019 Platform for Election Monitoring, the Election Observation Mission – MOE – presented results of investigations on campaign financing and public procurement in local elections in 2015. In the 183 municipalities that hired local administrations to hire their financiers, it was determined by the initiator's method and lack of transparency criteria.

In the case of Huila, the three municipalities Pitalito, Neiva and Acevedo were taken into account; which are crossed by a set of leases published on the Colombian Compra Eficiente portal in 2016, 2017 and 2018 (reduction of April 28).

As reported by the three municipalities surveys, 10 charities totaling $ 41,456,548,475 million, totaling $ 117,464,093 million, were donated to 9 donors. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the number of these funds was 13, 59

Duration of study

Examination of the EOM The National Election Commission (NFES) received information on financing from 1095 mayors and 32 akims of the National Fund in 2015 and approved it for the work on the Colombian Compra Eficiente portal (April 28, 2016, 2017 and 2018).

Due to this information and using unique identification numbers (such as a civilian card or NIT), the MES has found three ways: through the support of political campaign sponsors: 1. financed directly; 2. Financiers of the elected governors who signed contracts in the municipalities belonging to the Department; 3) Financing of financial institutions in the municipality, which has contracts in different municipalities of the same division.

According to the subject, the investigation is conducted at the expense of current candidates, families and financial lenders who analyze individuals or entities that have made charitable contributions to current mayors or governors.

All the analyzes and data found in accordance with the MES were sent to the Prosecutor-General's Office to begin the investigation. On the other hand, the EOM conducts meetings with other bodies, such as the Prosecutor General's Office, the Committee of Committees, the Compre-Etiquette in Colombia and the National Electoral Council for a more thorough discussion of the findings of the investigation.

EOM also showed that it is not crime or persistence when contracting the companies and campaign financiers to keep the limits and criteria set by the law. However, as this research shows, 65% of the conditions apply methods that support a single initiator that draws attention to the organization.

Lease with attributes for candidates

EOM has contributed 485 donors to 534 contributions to 4,400 million pesos (4,397,497,266) for political events and 169 billion for candidates for mayors and governors. Peso (169,466,621,063) has entered into a contract; this is 39 times the amount of money.

Although the foregoing is not necessarily a crime, municipalities and agencies have not identified, and the dynamics of non-public procurement, as revealed in the investigation. According to the updated data, the general characteristics of the information given to the prosecutor's office in the special mode and in the smallest amount are hiring, contracting. For the EOM, all contractual processes need to be competitive, transparent and effective.

According to the Director of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Alejandr Barrios, "65% of the 2410 participating in the campaign can easily be interpreted as a charitable donation campaign. Only the remaining 34% had open tenders, auctions and competitions. "

Another feature of the MES is that 87% of this amount was hired by the government for the first two years. This means that the elected representatives are immediately rewarded for those who fund the action. On the other hand, the EOM drew attention to the validity of the contract, which will be executed in less than five months in 83%.

According to Alejandra Barrio, the campaign will finance the campaigns and will fund the campaign to fund the campaign to determine the involvement of the local government in favor of the fraud scheme. and municipalities corruption "

According to the results of the research conducted by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the winning candidate in 183 municipalities received a contract from his administration. In these cases, OMM 423 private financiers approve 3500 mln. Peso has donated $ 15,131 billion. Peso got a contract. This money is 42 times more.

As for the Department, 18 (56%) of the 32 Governments in the country have found that at least one provision has been provided to those who helped to finance their campaigns. In these units, 62 individuals or entities have given 840 million pesos and 18 billion pesos. This equals 22 times the money.

Additional attributes

Given the fact that individuals or legal entities that have funded political campaigns with more than 2% of the maximum thresholds invested by candidates can not negotiate with government agencies, in which cases this rule will be violated by the MES.

According to the RK Ministry of Emergency Situations, 267 (55%) of those who financed 485 shares of the state order exceeded 2% of the maximum. That is, if they did not provide professional services, they could not negotiate with the state. In fact, TMM identified 138 municipalities, which indicate that this hat is over.

For Alejandro Barrios "we have about $ 100 billion for those who can not negotiate with the state. We're in a peso scenario. But the most important thing is that despite the political reform, there is no point in the matter. "

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