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Fiat Argo 2019: Italian Renaissance Brazilian Column


Colombia was not a good country for Fiat. The Italian brand in the markets such as Brazil and Argentina was a strong rival. But there are only two cars in our country: 147 and palio. Fiat Argo 2019, the beginning of the launch of this brand, has the advantage of these two hackspots having space to use many technologies.

Argo was a new name, but it has a legacy. Fiat supports its second design office in Brazil, its products are based on the Latin American market. One of them was 147 in Colombia until 1983. The most successful was developed in 1995, but there are still some versions of Palio.

The last one is the two vehicles named "Argo" and "Kronos". Its space is very simple: economical city cars. It's not like that town planning The Fiat has a surface of One Way, but they are small and affordable. The difference between the highway: Argo Hatchback and Cronos, a family sedan.

The Fiat Argo 2019 offers a very competitive range. The hair works best for two people less than 4 meters in length. It is very similar to the criteria such as Mazda 2, Ford Fiesta or Chevrolet Onix. The 300-liter highway is small, only for two people.

The design improves by aggressive lines and, thanks to the front lights, reaches the fans. The honeycomb combines with grill and gives the face of some Alfa Romeo flavor. Back, if there is any doubt, there is a big FIAT logo among the stops. Of course, the location of the plate between the stop should be delicate in the chaos of the effect.

Inside the design is remarkable. Yes, it's an economical car and it's not full of skin or splendid materials. The installed materials look harmonious with the exception of the floating screen. There is a good footing on the seats, but the position of the tile causes a long-term footprint of the driver. Also, the driver does not change the seat height.


Fire Flame (with a key, something rare) The 1.3-liter Firefly gives you a 99-horsepower engine. It was a bit noisy but very excited. Electricity five speed manuals are sent to the drawer, two very short first stages. Jump from the third to the fourth place is sharp and very long, which makes it difficult for the automobile roads.

However, in the city it is going to be very good. On the way, even if you need good voltage to extend your speed, you'll still be on your own form. In addition, the consumption of more than 60 km / gallon will be reduced. This suspension is designed to be very well designed, even in difficult places, without the brincona.

The height of the floor does not support jeeps, it helps to the unprotected roads (city spaces). Electricity assistance on the route is well distributed and gives a clear turn without any effort. Finally, brakes are very popular. Even though there are drum in the rear axle, the ABS and braking divider are very quiet.

Interesting for young people

The Fiat Argo 2019 design is designed for people or young couples, so the next technological luxury is not surprising. The Italian brand has equipped its hatchback with an 7-inch screen, power windows, remote sensing and feedback sensors. The camera is an additional 15-inch alloy wheel.

Information-entertaining Fiat Chrysler works with a great Uconnect system, simple, intuitive and has many options. Apple Carplay, Android Auto and Mirrorlink are involved and are controlled by a steering wheel. In addition to other functions to monitor the cabinet pressure, the control panel has a stand-alone computer.

This is one of the most important safety features of the car. The two airbags, ABS and Isofix anchors correspond to the main range, making it difficult for some competitors.

Of course, the price is perfect for the segment. Under the agreement between Colombia and Brazil, the Fiat Argo 2019 will cost about 47 million pesos. Mexico is slightly more than Mazda 2, slightly lower than the same Ford Fiesta.

In an intense debate, the Italian brand intends to enter the most complex market. Especially taking into account the growth of tastes that begin to grow in that scale. Fiat needs a lot to accomplish its goals. If they can succeed with Uno Way, it will be one of the most exciting options in the complex market.

Technical data

Model: Fiat Argo 2019 1.3 Drive

Engine: 1.3 liters, 99 horsepower

Transmission: Five speed manuals

Traction: forward

Price: $ 46 & nd; 990,000

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