Saturday , June 3 2023

Gustavo Ceralati's mother tells "tea for three" See video!


It is Sunday, November 25, at 10:00 in Natalie Channel in Chile and Argentina and the Fox App.

From then on, you can watch the premiere of the two parts of this documentary, each one in a row.

In addition, as a driver to Javiera Mena, Serateri's admiral, he spent two weeks in Buenos Aires, interviewing the closest circle of Argentinian Idol.

Bios: Gustavo Cerati is a part of Natgeo's biographical documentary series, Charlie García, two weeks before another Latin-legend.

His mother, Lillian Clark, told The National Geographic about the story after and after the event that brought about a popular music theme.

Clark's testimony comes with Lisa and Benito's other documents, such as Cerati, Shakira, Charly Alberti, and Zeta Bosio: Saturday, November 25 at 9:00 am, your life-long life. National Geographic Agency.

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