Tuesday , January 31 2023

Gustavo Petro attacker Ivan Dyuk attacks Trophy, causing a scandal


It is possible to talk about what the Colombian politician said. Gustavo Petro striker Ivan Dyuk attacks Trophy, causing a scandal.

March marches in different parts of the country have been launched in comments on Petro's work.

However, the trilogy that was released several minutes ago denied all debates on the web.

Petro wrote: "Duka has a bad musical taste, does he teach something if he meets art and music students?"

The message is as follows:

"Petro, this trick proves jealousy," "Unfortunately, I am the voice of Duke, we should consider it a lie," "There is no such opinion, no leader. and not ideologists, populists "and" not a part of humorous muidis ".

The politician's supporters told Duke that after his meeting with Maluma, he would give her a message and plan her to meet with Sylvester Dungang.

However, this was not confirmed by Petro.

Trin, where Gustavo Petro attacked Ivan Duke


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