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In Colombia young people start smoking at the age of 12


The results of the ENTJ National Researches are presented in School Health, ENSE, and youth cigarettes Ministry of Health and Social Protection with Universidad de Valle.

School and home, the first look

There is one conclusion that concerns smoking In the last thirty-one days, one out of four students smokedAccording to the data, men 28.8% and women 24.6%.

By cities, Barranquilla has the slightest trend in tobacco consumption – 20.8%, young people and Medellin – 28.3% of the maximum consumption index.

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According to other information, 39.3% of students did not receive information tobacco-related risks or 42.9% of the respondents reported receiving information.

School is one of the places where it is tobacco smoke, 25.6 percent of respondents.

One of the four students feels that they are in their school tobacco smoke, and one out of every six knew that it was at home.

Poor nutrition

Results of national health education in the National School show ENSE impacts on adolescents' health Example of 79 640 students aged 13 to 17 yearsin public and private schools in different regions of the country.

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Pre-school surveys give a conclusion about the low school and children's consumption of fruits, vegetables and dairy products. sugar drinks, fried bottles and high consumption of unsustainable lifestyles.

One of the data shows 86.9% of students fruits and vegetables do not match the frequency of consumption and 76.5% of schoolchildren do not use dairy products often.

Consumption of fried drinks – 74.0%. Three out of every four in Colombia consumes sugar drinks.

Fast food is the most widely used and lifestyle of schoolchildren

According to the Ministry of Health and Universidad de Valle, 58.5% of schoolchildren reported the consumption of the fastest diet in the last seven days. In Colombia, one of every two students consumes fast food. Also, 47.3% of schoolchildren used at least once a day fried foods in the last seven days.

According to an inter-institutional study, 46.3% of them devoted themselves watch over 3 hours a dayInstead of doing physical exercises, you can play video games or surf the Internet.

A study of more than 70,000 young people shows that 75.1% of schoolchildren they go or go by bicycle school attendance at least one day a week.

Based on these findings, the government has acknowledged that food, physical activity habits, traumas and intoxication, alcohol and drug abuse, verbal, visual and hearing impairments, smoking levelFormulation of public policy aimed at improving and promoting a healthy lifestyle to prevent adult disease.

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