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In Envigado, the Mayor distributes millions of resources through contracts with ELESPECTADOR.COM


Raúl Eduardo Cardona González is traveling to Bogota to receive a difference in the Olaya Herrera airport at Medell as one of the best leaders in Colombia. Eight people, including civil servants, were arrested.

Raoul Eduardo Cardona González was arrested on Thursday by the prosecutor's office. Removed from YouTube

Before leaving for an Olaya Herrera airport in Medea, the prosecutor's office in Antioch, Envigado City Mayor Raul Eduardo, condemned Cardona González for the formation of an anti-corruption network, including urban administrative officials who have state-owned millionaires through illegal contracts. Cardona travels to the capital to earn a difference as one of Columbia's best leaders. Now you have to face the criminal process.

Besides the mayor, they were detained by the prosecutor's office Jose Conrado of Restorado Valencia, municipal observer; The Midnight Giresun Midnight, Treasury Secretary; Diego Fernando Ehararria, Education Secretary; Lyndon Johnson Galileo Abello, Envigado exchaeus; Reynel Bedoa Rodriguez, A legal entity of Computers, which is attached to the ICT Ministry; Luz Marcela Quinterolos, Commission agent and individuals Esteban Rodríguez Ruiz and Camilo Andrés Correa Berruecos.

The investigating entity is exploring three areas: lawlessness: a large number of millionaires purchased, a "charity" of tablets exchanged for a contract, as well as changing people's money in the conditions of free assignment and replacement. In all three cases, prosecutorial authorities have interrupted the prosecution of detainees, which will be condemned in seven offenses.

At the time of the first battle, when the municipality purchased the lot located in the Pantanillo district, the prosecutor's office and the individual confirmed the purchase of $ 50 million in property, and in a few weeks it purchased the mayor of Envigado. "There were $ 1.300 million in cash. This disorder is a municipal observer, Treasury Secretary and Commission agent.

The second-tier tablet "charity" research agency donated the "Computadores para Educar" digital devices to the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies. In exchange for this voluntary exchange, with $ 309 million for Pereira Company equipment is provided. According to the prosecutor's office, 400 tablets were delivered to 12 educational institutions in Envigado, worth $ 150 million. That is, the maintenance condition may exceed equipment.

Finally, the investigating authority has a magnifying glass designed to designate and appoint volunteers, who, as you can imagine, peso them from $ 100,000 to $ 600,000. The mayor of Envigado – according to the prosecutor's office – She knows that monthly wages are the wages of hired people. The same thing happened with some contracts between the city administration and individuals, "the prosecutor's office said.

The prosecutor's office, the press release, showed that these individuals are being investigated by means of investigations by means of kidnapping, contracting non-compliance with legal requirements, conciliation, bribery and bribery. suggestions, precedents, and serious fraud in a separate document.

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