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In Mexico, 85% of cases of lung cancer have been delayed


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Not less than 87% of patients consumed most of their cigarettes. Photo: Cuartoscuro


In Mexico, 85 percent of lung cancer has been diagnosed in advanced stages, but there is a cure for this epilation that is the main cause of death in the world. José Manuel Mier Odriozola, Member of the Minimally Invasive Chest Surgery Institute (ICTMI).

"Most of the patients diagnosed with lung cancer have been diagnosed in recent stages, they do not have a healing medicationhe warned.

According to Manuel Mier, tobacco consumption is a major factor in patients in Mexico. He considered this issue 87 percent of patients consumed cigarettes in most of their lives.

Of course, cigar is one of the most important factors, with up to 87 percent of patients with lung cancer, with a history of smoking, "he said.

The physician explained that there are other risk factors for the development of these illnesses, such as radiation types, environmental pollution, diseases that affect the immune system, defenses and drugs that reduce inheritance.

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Manuel Mier, who goes to Mexico for chest surgery to fight lung cancer with his DaVinci robot, said: About 80% of patients are treated, that it will live for five years, but decides not to exceed a maximum of one year.

According to the Ministry of Health, lung cancer has seventh place in its frequency, but it is a deadly tumor, which is the leading cause of cancer mortality. Approximately 8,000 Mexicans die each year from this illness.

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