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Itabiu supports the campaign against prostate cancer


Itabiu supports the campaign against prostate cancer

Saturday, November 10, 2018. 18:10 Хс.

Itapu Binazoni was shrouded in a campaign against prostate cancer in November.

Photo: Facebook. Itaipu Binational

The Occupational Medical Department recognizes the importance of annual monitoring for early detection of diseases.

Head of Sector Phoenix Ortiz, although early detection of disease can not be prevented, it will help to cure successful treatment. A professional explained the prostate cancer prostate specific antigen (PSA) study.

This Friday afternoon, the Itaipu dam light will be blue. Those who appreciate the light show must register at the Visitor Reception Center in Yardlarias. Days are on Friday and Saturday.

Reservations can be made weekly by Thursday (061) 599-8040 and (061) 599-8094 and sent to [email protected]

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