Friday , October 22 2021

Jorge Luis Pinto Fight – Colombia Football – Sports


Now the technical Millonarios has allowed several conflicts.
Jorge Luis Pinto is a strong hero, not only with his directors, but also with his colleagues, who even took his hands.

Ping was impulsive and his temper was hit by soccer. Here are some of his famous frauds.

Most importantly, Pinto fought with Hernán Dério Gómez, a native of Honduras, who went to Panama during the Costa Rica match.

Gomez and Pinto were trying to get away from them,
but they shared with others.

In 2006, when Pinto became a Cucuta coach, the team that had won the champion attacked Julio Comesana, the Real C Cartagena coach. Both are authorized.

Jorge Luis Pinto sent Honduras to the Russian 2018 qualifier. Attacking Carlos Costa has decided to leave the national team as Pinto is still in the bank and could not keep up the rhythm of the training rhythm.

Now there is difficulty in selecting the current coach in Milanari Costa Rica, which led to the 2014 World Cup quarterfinals in Brazil. Pinto goalkeeper Claudio did not believe in the injury of Navas and halfback Brian Ruiz and taught them something that the players did not like.

When he was a Honduran coach, Pinto met with Ramón Mariádias in a match against Salvador. In the procedural game, after the fights, Mariadia raised Pinto, and she answered. Both were stopped.

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