Tuesday , August 16 2022

Mannose sugar, a new hope for the fight against cancer


The body can not survive without glucose. Blood sugar is something that makes our body tissue stronger. The problem is that cancer cells also use it to distribute it. Scientists believe that they have found a way to reduce this equipment.

This is mannous sugar, natural additives who tried slow down it lasts mice in different mice and this week's research on Cancer Research UK published in a scientific journal and research conducted by Cancer Reasearch Worldwide has improved the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatment Nature.

While the results are mice, researchers who are researchers hope that they will be applied to human patients, but they have to do a lot of testing that have set the BBC journalist Alex Terrien.

For the experiment, the research team mannoses the type of sugar It can be found in fruit like juice, pancreatic cancer, lung and skin mice and slowing growth of tumors without side effects.


It is believed that mannequins are easily accessible and sometimes used for treating infections in the urinary tract, It prevents tumors from using glucose According to experts who participated in the study, there is no need to mannose anyone to be cured because they need more trials.

Affective treatment

Mannose has improved not only to prevent the growth of certain malignant neoplasms, but also improve some treatment results.

The most popular chemotherapeutic agents, cisplatin and doxorubicin-treated mice researchers Mannose treatment increased the effect of chemotherapy, A BBC health expert wrote, reducing the size and size of the tumor growth.

Some of the other malignant neoplasms such as leukemia, osteosarcoma (ovarian cancer), ovarian cancer and intestines have responded well to the mannose and others did not. Their reaction depends on the level of enzymes that destroy sugars.


Professor Kevin Ryan, co-author of the Beatz's UK Institute for Cancer Research, has been interviewed by Alex Terrien from BBC in his "it may block enough glucose that slows tumor growth on the mouse, but insufficient to prevent normal tissue growth. "

Glucose is needed in the body, but cancer is used to grow it.

"It is a preliminary investigation, but it is a great deal to find in the future, Cancer Man Cancer Cancer Improves Chemotherapy for Patients, Not Affecting Their Common Health"he warned, without consulting a doctor, that he should not provide himself with a natural mixture.

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