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Medel'n and Tolima supervise the ¼ finals of the League Águila THE WORLD


On 3 June, Ángelo Rodríguez fined Deportes Tolima to qualify for the Águila League final in the first half of this year. After the five-month and two-and-a-half weeks of the game, football has been abolished.

Deportivo Independiente Medellin takes this Wednesday at 7am at Atanasio Girardot Stadium, Deportes Tolima takes on the first part of the Águila II semifinal of the 2018 League. It sounds through the capital of Antakya.

In the first semester, DIM closed at home and disappeared, and now Piaoso is a participant of the game, but this is the first match on Wednesday. low sensitivity.

In the first half of the quarterfinal against Bucharaman, striker Juan Fernando Citicio will be in the strongest squad until the last minute, hoping for the recovery of coach Octavio Zambrano on Wednesday. However, if there is no qualification, it will not be replaced by Jean Carlo Blanc, but Leonardo Castro.

Creative Fair for Andrés Ricardt is a series of "series". We have to have a lot of concentration. It's about 180 minutes to spend well. Once again, we try to take advantage of the local community and have a lot of discipline and concentration in order to experience the situation with Buckaramga. "

Further, DIM waits for the Ibaghi ​​team to replace Luis Daniel's Caracio González, who was appointed to replace Venezuela's national team against Iran on Tuesday. Not enough to play at Al Ahli stadium in Doha, Qatar.

Otherwise, Alberto Gamero repeats the disappeared list of Santa Fe penalties in the quarterfinal, his goalkeeper Alvaro Montero and scorer Marco Perez. especially against German Eskeliel Kano.

The Piaozo player has 16 goals in the semifinals and canoes Canoe 17 celebrating this League. Miguel Angel Borya is close to record breaks in short tournaments.


Medellin: David Gonzalez, Elvis Pearl, Heus Murillo, Hernan Pertz, Sebastian Makias, William Parra, Larry Angulo, Brian Catherine, André Ricourt, Leonardo Castro and Herman Kano.

Technical Director: Octavio Zambrano

Tolima: Álvaro Montero, Nilson Castrillón, Julián Quiñones, Louis Paírez, Danovís Bancero, Rafael Carrascal, Carlos Robles, Carlos Renneria, Johan Orozco, Danielle Cataliano and Marco Pérez.

Technical Director: Alberto Gamero.

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