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Miguel Bakht Laurea has a statue of Monteria – Other cities in Colombia


Former world champion Gallo, Miguel & # 39; Happy & # 39; Laura has a statue in the city of MonteriaThis city respected the honor of the greatest athlete who gave the Cordoba division.

His statue was placed on the stand at the top of the Coliseum, called by his name has recently been rebuilt. At the end of the sculpture the blame was placed on the date of the World Champion title winning orbiting the title (May 9, 1985 in Miami, USA).

At the solemn ceremony attended by Mayor Marcos Daniel Piñida and attended by hundreds of monterianos, Cordoba sculptor Porfirio Cassares Bérars performed his work.

For six months, the artist had to make a different time for the body of Laura to polish and shine the body and body parts of the body.

"It is not always easy to find a foot because it has many very happy features. I photographed and photographed the time Laura had ruled. It is far more complicated for the media at that time, and now it is far away from the athlete who is impressive in figure games, breaking up competitors, aged 57 and up to several kilograms, "Kassares said.

Mayor Marcos Daniel financed and financed his work in Pineda, According to him, the municipal administration and the monteriano have become a habit to the most prominent athlete in the region.

"Lucky Laura was a good example for all Monterian, especially for the athletes. His attitude as a boxer and a good citizen is a good reference to both current and future generations, "stressed Stressa Pindia.

It was not easy to finish because there are so many happy features. I photographed and photographed the time Laura had ruled

According to him, this new sculpture can become a tourist attraction, so he asked the citizens to take care of the new heritage of these monterian stars.

"Today, we and our family will enjoy this respect, which will also be a tourist attraction for visitors. I care about this statue, which expresses our gratitude to one of the most important people born in our city, "Pineda said.

Historian Humberto Gonzalez is the oldest borrower of the Kerguelen city, and he is considered to be an eternal champion of the city. According to him, now Mugel's "Happy" Laura's name should be placed in the United States Hall of Fame as one of the best boxers in the history.

Finally, Laura thanked the Mayor and his community for their happiness.

"It's a great honor for me to make this honor in my life. When this monument becomes my world champion, it reminds me of many things. I hope this is a good example of continuing to recognize and support athletes from Cordoba. " Laura.

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