Monday , December 6 2021

Nairo Quintana President Duque requires good treatment of athletes – Cycling – Sports


At the 50th anniversary of Colombia's President, Colombia's President Colonial President Ivan Duke, at Casa de Nariño, he has received several famous figures from national sports. Among them was Nina Quintana, who used her intercourse to speak aloud about many problems in Colombia.

Our figures have not gone anywhere, but it should not be so and it is not a lack of state resources,

Quintana began the first version of the competition, which was held in 2018. "The first version was very good, we will be next year and every time we have to be good," said Quintana. We have to spend it at a high level to see Colombia through the air and feel the people. "

Then, Nairo has given several ideas for the use of Colombian sport, and accordingly, it is possible to create an economy based on the success of athletes: "Using the benefits of entrepreneurs, we have to move the pedal further, not only the state but also large companies. At the same time, it is necessary to have a good health before and after the sport, as many changes and many emotions are about how to get sports as our economy, Cayman, Chochisa«

And he continued: "Since there are many tourism in our country, there are children who work for the peasants as they go to Colombia. After all, they can take advantage of the luxury and help the economy of their region. Our figures do not go anywhere, but it should not be like that, and not because of the lack of funds from the state and athletes, but lack of organization, money to go, trainers, there are people who know professional athletes and athletes.«

Also, Movistar assured cyclists that the country's infrastructure is not suitable for cyclists. "Why are we engaged in sports grounds? In bad conditions, cycling stadiums; nobody says, "Hey, we'll go to Tour de France, but our roads are not right." "No one is planning a project for these children to get to Tour de France, 80% – sportsmen, peasants, and even large companies that export our products, not just Colombia. Colombian agriculture ".


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