Tuesday , August 16 2022

NASA plans to launch commercial flights and launch tourists in space


The anticipated economic need of NASA allows the agency to seek funding through meeting private investors' needs.

NASA soon finds itself in one of the biggest changes seen in its history. The reason is that the US government does not want to assume the high costs of the agency and plans to eliminate them in the coming years. In a fast and critical moment, the organization looks at new horizons: a private initiative.

Washington Post has recently said that NASA will seek to respond to White House intentions by 2025 to halt funding for the International Space Station. All of its directors would be part of a plan that they are united. for two months, his administrator Jim Bidenstein announced.

And how does this happen? Well, pushes several millionaires to spend money on cosmic vacations. Correct: NASA intends to sell commercial flights for tourists in outer space.

Leaders of the Agency and representatives of the private sector are very optimistic about the formation of the alliance. As they explained, they hope to receive more infrastructure and funding to continue with innovation in the future.

NASA still does not know what to do with the International Space Station when it expires

What is this option?

The offer includes selling the right places for tourists to go to space. But it is also evaluated not only for the NASA logo, but also for commercial offers. It is not surprising that in a few years, only cosmonauts will be able to help the space travel on television.

They even begin to explore whether to start selling their rockets. Its idea stops limiting the use of its image for personal use. In fact, they can participate in programs for the development of space activities with children who dream to become cosmonauts.

Please note that the agency has not made its own ferry boats since 2011. In this connection, Roscosmos and companies such as SpaceX and Boeing have been integrated. Therefore, this episode is just the result of what has happened in recent years.

There are plenty of features. So NASA should try to find out what the choice is, but it must act before the money is spent.

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