Monday , June 5 2023

ONYX Andino Bogotá Screen: Without the projection, the first cinema screen will come in Colombia Technology


The new technologieswe have evolved in areas that we did not expect. Exactly, Кин Колумбия with Samsung, which were gathered to give capitalists the best visual experience

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"Of course, the seventh art goes on innovation. From the technological point of view, Colin and the country of China will continue worldwide avant-garde"She says Mira Falah, President Movies in Colombia.

For the first time in our country and screen in South America 1,4 tons including its structure and technology LED 4K, It provides a large accuracy of colors, has a size 456 inches, playback HDR content, that is, a sharp and clearer solution about 10 times higher recommendation traditional projection technology.

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Juan Sebastian Delgado, According to Samsung, it is all ecosystem adaptation This technology is a great experience for the user the main task, as the screen has a large audio system around the room.

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