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Pablo Corrales helps people with HIV. La Cronica del Quídigo


Aprendiendo a Vivir's promoter and legal representative carries out campaigns and campaigns for people infected with the virus that attacks the immune system.

Pablo Corrales recommends accompanying people with HIV

Pablo Corrales is HIV-positive for 12 years.

Pablo Emilio Corrales is a representative of the Aprendiendo a Vivir support group, responsible for the development of Quindio Disease Prevention and Treatment Campaigns.

When was the fund back?

Established since 2006.

Why did you decide to focus on people who have HIV?

I saw a few friends in the hospital and I was deeply disturbed by the fact that nowadays anyone can buy viruses, and then our organization has been born for this purpose: information, communication, trainings, seminars on HIV / AIDS It is necessary to educate children, youth, the elderly, sex workers and the whole population as a substitute for the upbringing and education of the department.

What kind of people are working?

When I went to the hospital, I saw family nuclei consisting of children, mothers, teenagers, siblings, and so on, so we made the decision to conduct sex workshops through all of them, for example, because we had a history of HIV infection we will continue to have the second highest number, and we could not lower the index.

How should the state respond to this issue?

HIV is a problem with the health of the population, so the government should build strong and educational campaigns, as it is not just a case of condoms distribution and rapid testing, it is not a timely and effective solution, as I repeat that there are many people in the department who have a virus , as well as sex workers, not the adult and the youth, but the mothers of households. what's in campaigns

What should be done to prevent the crisis of HIV-infected people?

First of all, you need to know that anybody can buy the virus, but this can only be infected by hugging, kissing, or face-to-face contact with the body only in three ways – through sexual contact, blood, and inheritance. Secondly, we need to eliminate the risk of death for people who suffer from these diseases, so we need to remove this paradigm, because now the healthcare system is supported and if the EPS or Sisben is not available, the Support Team can also assist the whole process, and thirdly, there are medicines to be taken and all good diets for effective treatment and treatment that help resist the immune deficiency.

How do you help the virus owners?

We begin to check if they are Sisben, and if not, we will link them to treatment, and we provide people with hospitals in the event of a virus-infected opportunistic illness: tuberculosis, hepatitis, or toxoplasmosis. We have had many crisis events happening, and this is a wonderful thing, one of the things we do – is fun and good. By the end of the year, we will bring all families of the fund to a place of leisure. and integration.

What preventive campaigns do you have?

From the moment we started, we have seen the needs and challenges of the schools, so we started with sexual education campaigns with parents, so our children bring up children and start educating their children. condom because this element is not a synonym for sex, but synonymous with prevention, which does not see it with illness or error, but rather a form of care.

How many people will benefit from the Fund?

We have around 500 families in contact with WhatsApp.

What will they do to prevent them from giving up?

This is a very complicated aspect, stigma and discrimination in our society, when the HIV-infected person gets a job and the work environment is overwhelmed, in these cases we need to assist in filing complaints. Not synonyms with HIV but all of us have the right to live a dignified life, even though they are not involved in sex life and are not guilty of their situation, such as marginalized children.

What kind of call from the organization for those who need help?

The Support to Creation group is open to all and open to all, can work with number 3165301463, do not be afraid to ask for help, and should inform more than any of these opportunities.


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