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Peru to be the largest online store in South America by 2019 Economy Business


According to forecasts, Peru will be the leader in online store in South America by 2017 StoreMIA.comwhich aims to achieve 40% of its annual turnover in the last quarter of Christmas campaigns, Black Friday and cyber Monday.

"In time, Peru quickly falls into the third market. Now, now is the second in Argentina in a few months it will surpass Uruguay"Said Gonzalo Peralta, country manager for Peru Peru, According to him, the expectation of the national market for more than ten months exceeded expectations.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) report on the impact of e-commerce and its evolution in Latin America, e-commerce has tripled its sales in the region over the past six years, $ 40,000.


"What was found in Peru was not a necessity. Clients have a desire to remotely buy their own home, office or remote from Peru, unite the package with all purchases and do not worry about customs regulations on shipping, customs clearance and tax payment. We oppose all these needs, and first we are openly acting, and the Peruvian responded satisfactorily, "said Gonzalo Peraltta.

Currently, will allow you to participate in e-commerce days, such as the American Platform, Black Friday, Amazon Prime, Cyber ​​Monday, President's Day and Labor Day; He also plans to work in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia and work in other markets in South and Central America in the short term.

Currently, this North American platform sells up to 15,000 packages per month, but over the past two months it should be over 35,000, which means it's over 200%. $ 120 per month in Peru on average tickets; and in Argentina it costs $ 150; Uruguay, US $ 140; Chile, $ 125; Colombia, $ 100; and Brazil, $ 80. has delivered more than 19,000 packages this month to Peru.

According to IDC's Latin America, e-commerce, including distribution, sales, purchasing, selling and delivering information on products or services across the Internet, will grow by 2018 by 25.4%.

SECTOR OF ANY IMPORTS OF PROGRAMS is a "long tail" market, meaning consumers are looking for a real part of everything. Among the most purchased products in Peru are clothing, seasonal offers and models that do not come to our country.

They also include glasses or training, watches, gadgets for players, and all types of electronics or accessories. However; books, tools, household items and toys.


At another time, Peralta explained that offers loyalty plans to its customers. "We have the option of choosing a free kilobyte for your 5th shopping and departure plans, where you invite them to open an account and get $ 10 free if you buy with us. For your 10 friends, you have $ 100 free to buy it, "he said.

He also said that he had been on the territory of Peru and had been on his way to Florence de Agosto, on the coast of Putimaayo, on an eight-day trip to the Iquitos on the border with Colombia, and traveling to the southern part of Peru, in the Italian region of Puuno.

"We have a good anecdote, an Argentine woman, who has come up with a wedding dress on, because Amazon just dreams of it, and thanks to her she even took the time to buy it at home and then took her home some time later," she said.

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