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Presidential polls help resolve Guarumo crisis – Politics


The strong internal breakthrough of the vote company in Guarumo was opened during the last hour by President Ivan Duke, his ministers and other figures of national life.

EL TIEMPO was able to find out that one of the key partners of this firm, Carlos Ariel Sanchez, decided to leave the company after discussing the methodology used during the research.

According to sources, although the internal debate is about measurements, Sanchez says he will abandon the company because his power is "questionable rather than election-oriented, more serious than public opinion."

Alfonso Portella will be able to find out in the registry with the second elected director, as well as on the issues of debate.

One of the partners that initially formed part of Guarumo was appointed Senior Advisor to Victor Munos President Duke Digital Transformations and has an office at Casa de Nariño. Munos is known for buying shares in his company.

A survey of technical data financed by this company indicates that the President's Duke has 48.5 percent favorable and 40.4 percent unfavorable image. The study was carried out on a sample of 1 884 people.

Foreign Minister Carlos Kholms Trujillo, 25.6%Environment Minister Ricardo Lozano – 19.7%, and Minister of Culture Carmen Vassic – 19.1 points.

Many of the survey participants are a high level of ignorance of the public opinion of the Duke's direct workers. The most notable is that ICT Minister Silvia Consten, 54% of whom advised him, does not know.

These figures were similar to the Invamer, which reported last week's fall, for example, a 26.5% mark and a drop in the image of the President about the lowest and declining presidential contingent in Colombia.

The document highlights the lack of civilian knowledge about current government officials.

Technical data

The natural or legal person who conducted the survey: Guarumo SA – Ecological Analytical Economics and Economic Concepts
A legal or a legal entity that trusts it: Guarumo SA -Eco-Analytical Economics and Economic Concepts SA
Funding source: Guarumo SA -Eco-Analytical Economics and Economic Concepts SA
General purpose: Questions about the President's welfare, national actors and public figures
Education: Men and women over 18 years old living in Colombia, except for former territories and San Andres Archipelago, in Colombia
Model: It is probable that the model will be modeled in four stages – the National Population Census
Stage 1: National Population Census, Municipalities
Stage 2: Selection of selected municipalities
Stage 3: Houses of the selected apple
Step 4: People over 18 years of age in the selected house
Model: Total number of respondents: 1 884
Total number of respondents: 1,884
Collection technique: The face-to-face questionnaire of the Respondents House
Symbols you have requested: Please refer to the collection form.
Collection date: 15-17 November 2018
Number of interviewers: 40 interviewers, 5 observers.
Incorrect margin: Incorrect 2.4%, Trust Level 95%
Statistics: Gustavo Romero Cruz
Sample distribution: National level, divided into five regions: Armenia, Barranquilla, Bello, Bogota. Massachusetts, Monterey, Monterey, Neiva, Pereira, Popayan, Massachusetts, Massachusetts, Massachusetts, Rionegro, Sahagun, Santa Marta, Santa Rosa de Osa, Sinseleco, Socha, Sogamozo, Soledad, Tunja, Valleupar, Viljavicencio and Umbo.
Example frames: Municipalities National Population Census
Specific questions: 1. To what extent is the draft law on energy services drafted? (1,2,3,4,5,6) 2. What age group do you belong to? From 18 to 25 years, from 26 to 35 years, from 36 to 45 years, from 46 to 55 years, from 56 to 65 years, over 65 years. 3. Gender: Female-Male. 4. Do you have Ivan Duki's picture? Below I read a list of names appropriate for the current Government ministers. Do you value each of them? 6. Then read the list of names that fit the characters of national life.


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