Sunday , September 25 2022

Recommendations for CyberMonday


The e-commerce Great opportunity to trade with the best deals. Next Monday, November 19 hundreds of appliances, clothing, tourism, home, beauty and healthcare stores make discounts on digital platforms.

Buyers can take advantage of their capabilities CyberMonday for 48 hours.

The Colombian Electronic Commerce Chamber (CCCE) reported that 35% of Colombian companies sold their products over the Internet. He is also expected to boost economic initiatives 47.93% compared to the previous year.

However, keep in mind cybercriminals pay full attention to events of this kind and fraud through the network.

For this reason, Alberto Alexandr Castillo, cyber security expert and head of the training platform of CyberAcademy of Gamma Ingenieros, He made the following suggestions for the reasonable and proper use of debit and credit cards.

1. Are you sure you want to buy? Pictures or photographs you see elsewhere may not be true. If you have any questions, ask the seller directly or look for information on other pages of this product or service buyer page.

2 Do not buy it online through public connections or devicesIf you do this, cybercriminals have a high risk of capturing your data and dropping passwords and personal or financial information.

3. Use strong passwords in shopping portals. Keys must be capitalized, and should contain small letters, numbers, or special characters, such as asterisks or arrobs.

4 Be sure to visit secure websites. The address of the purchase website must be typed correctly (for example, and You will always be able to start https: // and have a lock on the left side.

5 Obtain the following warranty portals: Make sure that the seller has the ability to track your purchases and, if necessary, engage in warranty policies.

6. Credit Cards: Frequently review your movements to avoid identity theft.

7. Make sure the equipment is up to date before the purchase: Install Antivirus; Please download the online shopping and download files.

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