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Stan Lee: A man of superhero golden age

Legendary Stanley Martin Lieber, the creator of famous characters like Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men, and Avengers, inherits the eternal descendants of children and adults around the world.

Editor Den Lee died on Monday in a hospital in Los Angeles. / AFP

Born in New York and a Romanian immigrant son, the writer began working for Marvel's temporary "Comics" in 1939.

"I never know what happened or why, but Joe Simon and Jack Kirby (from a temporary comic). The editor went to the office and saw that he was alone. And he recalled, "Can you care about it?" – reminded him of a few weeks before his death in Los Angeles in October.

In time, Li became editor, artistic director and screenplay, and in 1961 was a publishing house called Marvel. There Lee gave a new impetus to superhero genre.

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The first creation for Marvel was the Fantastic Tore that appeared in 1961. They are: DS Supergerman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Justice League, and others.

But in the 60's, Marvel, Lee, and his super-heroes in the domain were everyday experiences with life-threatening and heroic characters. Heroes such as Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor, Deadpool, X-Men, Avengers, Drort Strange, and Black Panther were the entertainment industry figures, with several generations

All of them chose Lee Iron Man and humor as usual: "She is very wealthy, attractive, and she loves her. He's a perfect guy, "he said in 2008 on the hero who jumped onto a big screen over Mr. Robert Downey.

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In the eighth year, Lee moved to Hollywood and began to develop projects for the TV, which was the embryo of cinematographic explosions accompanied by Marvel Cinematographic World (MCU, English) in the 21st century.

MCU has become the most successful film franchise ever since its launch in 2008. Ten years later, the profit exceeded $ 17,000. Stan Lee was the executive producer of each of the 21 projects that he made until his death.

Success, Lee, as a trademark of the MCU and a small part of his great heritage, learned to make camo in movies, with their stories and heroes in collective memory of children and adults.

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