Friday , October 7 2022

Sudden increase in chronic myelitis in the United States


By the end of the last week, 332 cases of 252 cases of chronic myelitis have been studied throughout the country.

Unexpectedly raised children with arms and legs in the United States are surprised, and health workers are investigating Tuesday that they can be the cause of the virus or autoimmune disorder.

The total number of cases called acute fluid myelitis (MFA) in all regions of the country is examining 252 cases from last week to 33 people, said Nancy Messonier, Director of the Center for Immunization and Breathing Diseases of the National Center. and Disease Prevention (CDC).

Compared to 80 in the current year, compared to the previous peak of 2018, in 2014 (120 cases) and 2016 (149 events), it is comparable with Messonnier.

Since 2014, over 400 cases have been confirmed by laboratory tests.

Several dozens of cases are registered in 2015 and 2017.

Mussonier says parents understand the mood, but noted that the breakdown is still "rarely".

In most cases, children between the ages of two and eight are called. Approximately every three days, there were respiratory and respiratory illnesses, and they suddenly suffered from paralysis in their arms or legs.

Some children later died of paralysis, but at least half did not recover, says Messonnier.

In the center, 125 samples of spinal fluid have been analyzed, half of which have been tested for a rhinovirus or enterovirus, which usually produces signs such as fever, nose, vomiting, diarrhea, and body sores.

However, scientists are still amazed at the true cause of unexpected cerebral palsy, because these viruses are common, but there is no MIS.

"We are trying to find out what triggers can bring to the MFA," Massoner told reporters.

"This can be one of the viruses that we detect, which may be a virus that has not yet been identified, or the virus can trigger another process that actually activates the MFA through a autoimmune process," he said.

"CDC is a science-based agency, and science is not responsible for us," he said.

Perhaps the most sad thing for parents is that there is no way to overcome it, as well as special treatment or intervention.

"The sharp weakness of the hands and feet of parents and educators is urged to seek immediate medical care for a developing child," says the latest CDC report on the MFA.

According to Messonnier, CDC has not monitored the MFA's activities since 2014, which has led to some disadvantages of the federal body's disease, and experts are now trying to resolve it.

The MFA's son died in 2017.

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