Tuesday , October 4 2022

Technology: Batteries! WhatsApp fails to manage messages you send


WhatsApp offers a new, but not straightforward defect. This can be a challenge for many people.

It is not uncommon, but this time the problem is much more. Two new errors are not new, almost in fact about a year. However, Facebook is a messenger owned by him He did not solve them.

Two mistakes that made WhatsApp

Two failures allow malicious people (or fraudsters) to manage messages you send; that's what they're telling you different from what you've written.

During the Clock Hat 2019 event, the Israeli cyber security company has taken control of them and the two points are contained in the protocol. end of encryption Herald Hub, one of the most secure in the market.

One of these vulnerabilities uses reminders for other people in group conversations and lets you change message senders. You can imagine that this message was even sent through contacts that are not in the group.

The second error allows you to change someone else's message, but only in response to the specified link. In fact, they can imitate someone by talking about the whole person. Both errors are derived from the web version of the messenger as they use QR-code scanning.

We hope that soon WhatsApp will fix these critical failures.

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