Thursday , August 11 2022

The journalist attacks the heart in the full program


MEXICO CITY.- During the live program, many producers or viewers are unable to prepare for anything, from falling from scenes and scripts to theft and accidents.

In the near future, he is a TV program leader in Turkey's Eskisehir province, He suffered a heart attack when he was transferred to the air.

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According to local media, 69-year-old Shukru Oytan, Commenting on the Superliga football match Analyzes the match between Eskisehirspor and Umrenyaspor from Turkey. he suddenly stopped and fell down on the table. Lost balance then fell off the seat.

After a few seconds, the partner will leave his position and help his colleague, but he will not be able to answer.

Mass media in this country reported that Aytan was attacking the air in the air and taken to hospital.

A journalist who had previously undergone heart surgeries was taken to the local hospital remains stable and cured.

It is broadcast on the TV Channel's statement I found an arrhythmia in the pacemaker 10 days before the event.

"Our colleague placed a pacemaker 10 days ago thanks to arrhythmias. In today's program she felt bad and justified. She was immediately taken to hospital. Doctors say his condition is stable. his family, "the statement reads.

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