Thursday , September 29 2022

The law on financing in the congress – branches – how to handle the economy


Over the next four weeks, parliamentarians will work from Monday to Thursday, taking into account the 2018 tax reform or financing laws, and will be the first in the meetings of the rapporteurs with the government and joint economic commissions sessions. his participation in the Congress today.

The purpose of this controversial project research and voting is to end on December 16th, before regular sessions of the legislature. However, in the corridors of Parliament, the royalty budget is still being discussed and the need for additional sessions is being discussed.

The first step in the reform of parliamentarism yesterday was the identification of individual methodologies and methodologies, as well as four points that were thoroughly studied by subcommittees.

The goal is to solve the controversial proposal, which envisages a 14 billion peso-wide change in VAT
as well as a few amendments to the income taxes of individuals.

Analysis axes

According to one of the speakers, Senator John Milton Rodriguez, in the last week of November, in the daytime, they will vote in the first debate, and then at the plenary session (in the first two weeks) December. Speakers, speakers and government representatives made a decision to arrange discussion on four topics: Taxes for Individuals; taxation of legal entities; and the 2019 Fraud Budget, which is missing from the 14 trillion peso sources.

At present, joint economic commissions (third and fourth), at the suggestion of the Government,
in the first debate, read and vote on financial projects before all members of these commissions.

The government will have to persuade the reasons why it would offer 18 percent VAT for two years as Senator Gustavo Bolivar has no future prospects, accounting for 80 percent of the family basket.

"There is consensus among all parties that there is no support for the VAT basket, and that there are other sources of funding for 14 trillion liras lost in 2019.
That's why we called the Government to reverse the project and work on structural reforms for a long time, "he said.

According to Fernando Arajggio, one of the coordinators of the proposal, in the debate, Diane will pay particular attention to the reform needed to upgrade and strengthen it, which may prevent further deviations.

This, in particular, is one of the alternatives that parliamentarians are willing to finance next year's budget. At a meeting with the legislature of the Executive Committee, Dian was determined to cut down 10 per cent and said that this figure was 26 billion pesos.

Senator Rodriguez says his side has an alternative proposal from Colombia, Justa y Libre (Bolivar). "For us, the idea of ​​VAT, for example, laptops will not be allowed when considering the possibility of removing them from different sectors of the economy or 15 per cent of the dividend tax, "Rodrigues said.

Modern VAT refusals – multimillion dollars

Popular sources of tax based on the number of Dian, if the turnover in the economy in 2017 is 579 billion pesos, the VAT collection should have an average of 57 billion, with only 30 billion billions. They explain that one of the ways to avoid the artificial invoice for VAT crediting.

"Costs such as the personal consumption of the owners of large companies make up 19% VAT, but they are charged to the company for a VAT loan. This situation is one of the reasons for the lower collection and ends as a de facto subsidy for incredible consumption, "said one expert.


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