Saturday , October 16 2021

"There is still much room for growth in Latin America"


An analysis of the state of maturity in Chile, Peru, and then Colombia. Business development in Argentina is slower

The business including retail Falabella esta plays a major role one strong conversionorn. The sale a grasséh including Internet estan because changes included a méall including Bye now and a companyha esta prepared for acceptance This callsright.

Ass what confirms Gaston Bottazzini, who In my opinionor as General manager a 1 including June, after 10 a– Atright included a Signature a a what cameor for lead a management corporate including Falabella Financial.

«Yes fine I am already I was party about equipment what available come on development a strategy about group what today we are transportation forward, included this one transitionorn available a callso including Give it a try continuity a all what what they are built a what long including a a– Atright. Why? other on the right side, a as well change what This esta give included a industry and a requirements including a consumers commitment a bring it substances new a a table« said a executive included one interview included Everyday Financial.

«My missionorn concerning forward available acceleration certain projects. But it is mah what changes, available one bigger intensity included certain strategies what already they were was created. Add onah, all a process including increase including capital it was one party very important included this one transitionorn« a– Atade.

The business just including please specify a increase including capital included a what collector u$s550 millions of people, resources what This distributionan first of all a a Bye now including Linio and up to development including a franchising including Ikea included Courteousérich.

Inside how many a her paper a level regional, I believe what «Yes fine already we are included seven Passound, included 150 cities, included several markets recién we are mojandonos a leg. After that, one party about seal what I'm looking for printing available what see also available integration This process including internationalizationorn included Latinoamérich«

También estan development one strategy including etrade. «Inside a úlast a– Atright conversationaBamos a grow included financing, included cards, included products banking, included a development including Bank Falabella. Up to forward a goal esta Put the included horm a business finance This Integration a this one ecosystems digital« addedor

«How many? mah including our business we have currently included a Pash, mah successful we adapt a to be included a feeling including what a subsidiary companies This strengthening between hs. No embargo, no included all a Passound come on a grow and expansion a business up to as well rhythm. our focus here no available a group big including subdivisionswhat available Brazil, Uruguay and M.éMexicoavailable integration a conditionorn what we have, mah what Think about it included introduction available new formats« the signor a directive.

The opportunity including introduction available new business a go a follow appraisal included a time, included a measurement what This dé a opportunity.

«Chile, Colombia and Perú available a Passound here we have a bigger The number of including formats and business, and here whiteah esta currently Linio. Inside they markets we would like has priority a development including what what we invite a ecosystems digital, what paphysical This translate included has the advantage a opportunities magazinesopportunities and technologicalorgicas, our brands own, a business finance; all for to do one recommendation a lot of things mah strong a a clients« reliableor

Inside Colombia whiteén come on opportunities including increase included centers commercial and available increased beautiful included holes including shops by shop; they are one participation important available improvement about house. Do not add a This, believe me what so farsa available space for follow cultivation.

«Yes Tuviéthe bouquet what to do a aalysis including status including maturity by Passound, Chile esta first, after that Perú and afteréh Colombia. Given This, a opportunity mah strong including increase esta included Colombia, here we have a business comparatively mah little– Ato what a including Chile and Perú, included a Pash comparatively mah big« what everor

Inside how many a Argentina, said what estan «included a process including opening including shops Sodimac, but our focus included This Pash available beautiful mah slowly. The development about business finance available was mah slowly; included shops by shop as well. This available what see also available what a as well volatility about market no we available allowed gambling by a Pash what hs we believe what available a lot of things potential. Exists mah uncertainty including short The term of what no we available allowed grow available a as well power«

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