Friday , October 22 2021

They develop leadership in the western shores of Bogota


This pilot project, implemented through the Crown Foundation and the Original Leadership Network, will give impetus to social and community leaders representing future change in this area in Kundinamarca.

close 200 social leaders, public and private, wants to be trained in the project, which will be in the three years Funtse, Mosquera and Madrid, In the section Cundinmarca.

Behind this impulse is Corona Foundation and Origin Leadership Network, along with some of the country's companies. Its goal is to make it a national leader network.

Transformation of the region, successful experience exchange and articulation of initiatives in the medium and long-term perspective; These are some of the goals of the Leadership Network. This includes initial investment 600 million pesos.

Specifically, at the first stage of the project, it is planned to allocate 200 mln. Peso is invested. They are distributed between companies involved in a project that produces about 40 leaders per semester.

"Conflicts in the country, polarization of the society, great social imperfections and a great ethical crisis that exists in the country, strengthening institutions, reshuffling public work and mobilizing efforts. positive leadership development, "says Rosette Manrik, CEO of Origen Red de Liderazgo.

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