Friday , June 18 2021

Vaccination and chatting with games and dishes for little ones

San Antonio Health Center has created a new vaccine for the 2018 campaign to prevent beetles and beetles through entertainment and entertainment days.

This event was held in the District of Lisbel Rivier, in addition to the vaccination roofs, children can enjoy entertainment and share the good people with their neighbors.

"We do not allow measles and rubella to obtain additional dose of three viral vaccines to bring this nearby pop of children from 13 months to 4 years old, and this patient has been able to access our region through viral healing for a number of years because of the strong health vaccine, said Karina Hood, Director of the Health Center.

He also brought "a player to encourage children to vaccinate, we organized a series of games and offered them dishes. At this age, they are still very small, and they are generally resistant to vaccination or anger, but they are distracted and immediately entertained. Most importantly, they are already vaccinated. "

Apart from this vaccine, we used other vaccines for children of different ages to have daily diet. The most important is HPV for girls and 11-year-old girls. There was also a brief interview to give advice on the importance of oral health, a short talk with dolls and brushwork to encourage and learn as soon as they enjoy a lot and find a lot easier to understand. Brushes and toothpaste were added as a supplement to the conversation.

The viral triple: additional dose

Three viral vaccines prevent the introduction of two doses into the calendar: the first 12 months, the second – 5 years. However, if an additional dose of 13 months and 4 years is used for the Campaign, then they have received the first dose shown on the calendar.

The Formula is addressed by the Department of Human Development to parents who do not use this vaccine. "They need up to 30 November, the application is free and no medical order. And they can do it in all the hospitals, health centers and public vacations, which are distributed in the region, the capital and the internal affairs, "they said again.

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