Sunday , March 26 2023

Veeduria asks the Government for an Audit on the Khisgaura Bridge Local


After an interview with the Indias National Road Institute at the Inisa bridge, citizens and authorities have begun to doubt the stability and security that can lead to ambitious work.

In line with the foregoing, Bucaramanga Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCB) was transferred to the Curos-Malaga road to check the land.

Juan Carlos Rincon, vice president for Regional Development for BIE, said in an interview with Lionano Vanguardia Liberal that during his trip to the two engineers, "There are a few questions when reaching the Bridge of Hitzgaure. Obviously, this is not what we are accustomed to, and there is a big question, then what can we do to ensure peace?

According to Rincon Liuano, engineers say that although the bridge does not have any cracks or repairs, its structure is disturbed. In other words, the Invia report was accurately evaluated.

For this reason, the CCB vice president for regional development said that the National Government should act promptly to conduct a structured audit. This idea is to get the work of this nature satisfactorily. We can not ignore the serious investments made, it was 100 billion pesos, so it deserves to be in good condition.

In addition, Rincon said that they would ask for information to find out what happened with the tests of cargo, as they have not been done yet and more than two months have passed since the managers completed the construction.

It is expected that members of the Supervisory Board and CCB representatives will be making statements and concerns about their visit to the National Government.

Interventoría mentions sediments

"Vanguardia Liberal" repeatedly tried to control the Hisgaura bridge with ETA. Although they did not respond to calls, experts in the radical interview explained that these passions were normal in Hisgaura bridges. "This is typical in this structure because of the flexibility of the bridge. At each stage, the geometry of the board changes and is really well known when it is closed in the center and the cables are reconstructed, "said Ela Audit Specialist Samuel Montero. He also noted that "engineers understand that concrete flexibility modules will change significantly, such as temperature in cables and others, that calculations are not going to be planned."

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