Thursday , September 29 2022

90 years ago Jawa brand was registered. The legend is born


The Jawa brand was registered in Czechoslovakia 90 years ago, on August 17, 1929. Two months later, the founder of the company, Frantisek Janecheck, was registered at the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva.

Designer and entrepreneur Janeček originally issued a weapon. Later, he bought a motorcycle license from the German company Wanderer. Their brand consisted of its initial letters and the name of the German company.

The first motorcycle produced in Prague's factory in Pankra, Janechek, presented at the Prague Motor Show on October 23, 1929. However, success did not come immediately. The first motorcycle (Jawa 500 OHV «Rumpál») was not only inexpensive, but also of poor quality and had to be removed from production. The arrival of the English designers, George Young Patchet and Joseph Joseph, is a good thing. The 1932 Jawa 175 Villers conquered the market with a slogan "a good cash machine" and thanks to low prices, the java's pace also improved not only in the factory, but also in domestic motorcycles.

During the Second World War, the German army was captured at the plant. However, the founder of the company received thousands of spare parts hidden from the Germans, and designers worked illegally in creating new machines. After the war, with the founder Janejek (died in 1941), Jawa develops and develops immediately before the competition. A new thing called "Java 250" quickly became world-renowned.

After the carriers were successful models such as rockers and panels or Jawa 500 OHC. However, the slogan of the Communist bureaucracy and the motto "We are on the road to socialism rather than motorcycles" was the beginning of the brand's fall. Despite the fact that designers still had many original ideas on the subject, the communist regime did not like motorcycles, so many novelties ended in the rack and the sides were gradually becoming competitive.

At the moment, Jawa Motorcycles are still in the Czech Republic but in smaller quantities. However, Combackback is celebrating in India, where local Mahindra recently launched a pitcher under a license agreement with the Czech company Jawa Moto.

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