Wednesday , May 25 2022

A man in Prague stole his four-year-old daughter –


Following the suspicion, the police announced a national search for a preliminary consent to the detention of a person suspected of having a child and mental illness as a suspect for committing a crime. A man and a girl named Dmitry Iryin and Karina Savkova come from Ukraine.

"Man is the father of the child, and the child is placed under the patronage of his mother in Prague 3 district court. The suspect, yesterday at 17:00, lived in Vinogradia, abandoned his daughter and left his Skoda car, "Danek says.

The girl is 105 cm high, has a negative character, has light brown hair and brown eyes on her back. The last time she was wearing blue jacket, black trousers, her pink winter cap and scarf. His blue shoe with pink ornaments reached her. There is a visible decay in the previous teeth. His right ear has a white metal ring ring and a yellow metal earring in the form of a white stone.

The man has a height of 178 cm in the middle, with a shaved head and blue eyes. Finally she had a black vest, black trousers and black head.

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