Sunday , August 14 2022

After the collision of a pedestrian in Brno, the driver had two propylles and he was armed –


The driver was detained near the car. He abandoned the drug test and eventually ended up with a police officer. Police said they had guns, although they did not have firearms. In addition, the weapon was not registered.

Police now ask the public for help to explain this. According to the results of the study, the pedestrian crossed the road at the intersection of Obrane.

BMW has shot in Brno

BMW has shot in Brno

PHOTO: Czech police

"To clarify this situation, we need a car or a security camera to record a BMW 530 car," said police spokesman Boogumil. "We have to testify that the driver is the only driver or other person." Maleshek.

The driver then went to Brno from Adlerov to Utehov. He detected that firefighters went to this city to search cars and burned cars and searched the police. [celá zpráva]

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