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Alcohol Problems, Tablet Dependence and Suicide: Andrea Pomeus Speaks of Her Husband


November 22, 2018 16:21

Actor Djerci Promezhe (53) is in a difficult life. In addition to her illness for several years, she decided to divorce her wife, Andréa (30), with her little daughter Anika, but also with health problems. The lifestyle seen in recent months has not been very successful.

Andrea, a dagger, and Jirka acknowledged that they did not try to drink a single alcoholic beverage. "Recently, he has not admitted that he has healed and used sedative drugs," Andrea said in the Blues studio.

At present, Pomeggio is hospitalized with bone fractures. His friend and patron, Pavel Paseek, acknowledged recently that he wanted George to be sent for treatment because of his weak mentality. Andrea said he tried to help her when she threatened suicide. "Certainly, there were times when there was a threat, it was just gesture," Andrea said.

"I did not trust Jirke, and he was fraudulent to show him the neighborhood that he liked and that was a question for professionals who would meet him." The actor never wanted to go to the hospital. "We talked about this at the time of the illness, but he refused," says Andrea, not with the actor, but with the phone, his health is talking to his parents.

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